Swarthmore College's only and oldest Celtic show, now in its last semester EVER:
Bringing you the best from high atop Parrish Hall

WSRN 91.5 fm Swarthmore

Spring 2001: 9-11 a.m. Tuesdays

There's so much good music out there! I can't play it all, but my goal is to share with the community the fun and beauty of traditional Celtic music.
For my opinions on most of the bands and musicians featured here, please go here.
For more details and complete discographies, go to the Ceolas Celtic Music Archive.

6 February

Relativity:  There Was a Lady
Alasdair Fraser: First Light/Dawn Rant
Dervish: Touching Cloth
Tannahill Weavers: Westlin Winds
Altan: Con Cassidy's & Neil Gow's Highlands/Moll and Tiarna/McSweeney's Reels
Sharon Shannon: Micho Russell's
Gaelic Storm: Bonny Ship the Diamond
Dick Gaughan: Bonnie Jeannie o' Bethlnie
House Band: Rock In the Mountain
The Boys of the Lough: Mickey Dougherty's Highland/The Banks of the Allan/Maurice O'Keeffe's Polka
Patrick Street: Braes of Moneymore
Cherish the Ladies: The Battle of Aughrim/The Star above the Garter
Phil Cunningham: Palomino Waltz/Donna's Waltz
Moving Cloud: Mooney's Mazurka/Kinloch/Humours of Toomagh
Tannahill Weavers: Carls o' Dysart/Log-splitter set
Solas: The Maid on the Shore
Reeltime: Ragtime Annie
Whistlebinkies: The Wee Eddie Reel
Capercaillie: Ma Theid Mise Tuilleagh
Natalie MacMaster: Willie Fraser's
Niamh Parsons: Horo Johnny
Deanta: At the Crossroads
Planxty: Follow Me Up to Carlow
The Bothy Band: Julia Delaney
Patrick Street: King of Ballyhooley
Gaelic Storm: Titanic Set
Dervish: Sheila Nee Iyer


13 February

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Moving Cloud: Paddy Fahy's/Whistle and I'll come to you/The Woods of
* Silly Wizard: Lover's Heart
* Patrick Street: When Adam Was in Paradise
* Cherish the Ladies: Jessica's Polka/Tear the Calico/I Have No Money
* Boys of the Lough: Bonnie Laboring Boy
* Jerry O'Sullivan: If ever You Were Mine
* Altan: Moll Dubh a' Ghleanna
* Liz Carroll: Reel Beatrice/The Abbey Reel
* Gaelic Storm: Sammy's Fancy
* Niamh Parsons: Sally Sits Weeping
* Natalie MacMaster: I'll Always Remember You
* Solas: I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight
* Dervish: Pheigin Mo Chroi
* Mary Lea: Eilean Beag Donn a' Chuain
* Andy Stewart: Take Her in Your Arms
* Deanta: Two Days to Go
* Niamh Parsons: Orphan's Wedding
* Planxty: Merrily Kissed the Quaker
* Altan: Inis Dhum Ramla
* Reeltime: Strongest Weakness
* Cherish the Ladies: Green Grow the Rushes O
* Bonnie Rideout: The Man of Corrie/My Love is Fixed on Donald
* Boys of the Lough: Boys of the Lough/Lucky in Love/Sleep Sound in the
Morning/The Pinch of Snuff
* Solas: I am a maid that sleeps in love
* Cherish the Ladies: The Green Cottage Polka/Jer O'Connell's/Tom's Tavern
* Gaelic Storm: She Was the Prize
* Bothy Band: Do You Love an Apple


20 February

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Tannahill Weavers: The Good Drying Set
* Capercaillie: An Ribhonn Donn
* Ceoltoiri: Joy Be with You/Flowers of Spring/Sweet Biddy Daly
* Full Moon Ensemble: Red Is the Rose
* Reeltime: Trucks of Bohermore
* Full Moon Ensemble: The Swallowtail Jig/Calliope House/Cowboy Jig
* Andy Stewart: Dublin Lady
* Hadrian's Wall: Fridge Full of Empties
* Natalie MacMaster: Catharsis
* Deanta: The Maid That Sold Her Barley
* Full Moon Ensemble: Young Francis Mooney/My Former Wife/Tobin's Favorite
* Niamh Parsons: In My Prime
* Full Moon Ensemble: Wild Mountain Thyme
* Darol Anger, Hanneke Cassell, Casey Dreissen: Celtic Groove
* Gaelic Storm: Spanish Lady
* Sharon Shannon: Each Little Thing
* Hadrian's Wall: The Underwear Song
* Skyedance: Way Out to Hope Street
* Silly Wizard: Queen of Argyll
* Full Moon Ensemble: Jenny Picking Cockles/Christmas Eve/Dooley's Fancy
* Full Moon Ensemble: Two Irish Miles
* Full Moon Ensemble: Miller's Reel/St. Anne's Reel/Whiskey Before Breakfast
* Hadrian's Wall: Elbow Grease and Whiskey
* Reeltime: The Last Rose of Summer
* Ashley MacIsaac: Brenda Stubbert
* Rare Air: Onward Blindly Onward
* Full Moon Ensemble: Do You Love an Apple


27 February

Relativity: There Was a Lady
Sharon Shannon: Tickle Her Leg
Reeltime: Sile
Hesperus: MacDonalds of the Isles March to Harlaw/Source of the Spey/The Periwig
Bothy Band: The Navvy on the Line/The Rainy Day
Dervish: The Ploughman
Milladoiro: Maneo da Ulla/Foliada de padrenda
Bonnie Rideout: Highland Mary
Patrick Street: McDermottıs Reel/The Plough and the Stars/Miss McLeodıs Reel
Planxty: The West Coast of Clare
Cherish the Ladies: Tip Toe Home/Paddy Kellyıs
Tannahill Weavers: Farewell You Silver Darlinıs
Hesperus: Old Simon the King
Whistlebinkies: John Roy Stewart
Reeltime: Savoy Bouresque
Full Moon Ensemble: Where Did It Go?
Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian LeMaitre: Dark Island
Andy Stewart & Manus Lunny: Dinny the Piper
Eileen Ivers & Jerry OŒSullivan: Sean Coughlanıs/Gan Aimn/Sean Coughlanıs
Hadrianıs Wall: South Australia
Gaelic Storm: Sight of Land
Boys of the Lough: Sean Bui/Tommy Peopleıs/The Lark in the Morning
Silly Wizard: The Broom of the Cowden Knowes
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill: The Bucks of Oranmore/Eileen Curran/Jimmy on the Moor
House Band: The Slip Jigs and Reels
Sileas: May Colvin
Dervish: Packie Duiganıs
Niamh Parsons: Lakes of Coolfin
Bonnie Rideout: Bonnie Jean oı Aberdeen
Hadrianıs Wall: The Underwear Song


6 March

Relativity: There Was a Lady
Gerry O'Connor & Daithi Sproule: Niamh's Capers/The Flogging/The Reconciliation
Dervish: Willie Lennox
Sileas: Planxty Crockery/Domhnall Dubh
Tannahill Weavers: McGregor of Rora Set
Hesperus: The White Cockade/Soldier's Joy
Eileen McGann: Faithful Johnny
Natalie MacMaster: The Wildcat
Cherish the Ladies: The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Deanta: Cogair Ruin
Andy Stewart: The Ramblin' Irishman
Christian LeMaitre: Marche et gavottes pourlet
Milladoiro: Brincadeiro
Dervish: An Spailpin Fanach
Altan: Tommy Bhetty's Waltz
Nomos: Down the Lane
Full Moon Ensemble: Darling Ailie
Solas: The Vega Set
Hesperus: Strike the Gay Harp/Langstromıs Pony
Niamh Parsons: Two Sisters
Kevin Burke: The Butterfly
Boys of the Lough: The Leitrim Queen
Brendan Begley: An Droichead/Green Grow the Rushes/The California Girls
Tannahill Weavers: Robin Tamson's Smiddy
Natalie MacMaster: E Flat Set
Niamh Parsons and the Loose Connections: The Briar and the Rose
Bothy Band: Rip the Calico
Gaelic Storm: The Hills of Connemara


20 March

Relativity: There Was a Lady
Altan: The Glory Reel/The Heathery Cruach
The Boys of the Lough: Sean Bui/Tommy People's/The Lark in the Morning
Dervish: Lone Shanakyle
Martin Hayes: John Naughton's Reel/Another Paddy Fahy Reel
Patrick Street: Frank Quinn's Reel/Lad O'Beirneıs/Murphy's Reel
Arcona Reel Band: St. Brendan's Fair Isle
Matt Molloy, Sean Keane, Arty McGlynn: Dowd's #9/The First Month of
Spring/The Reconciliation
Cherish the Ladies: My Own Dear Native Land
The Boys of the Lough: Farewell and Remember Me
Eileen Ivers: Gentle Breeze/Pady Fahy's/Jocksonıs/Piper on
Horseback/Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
Full Moon Ensemble: Almost Like Ireland
The Bothy Band: The Green Groves of Erin/The Flowers of Red Hill
Altan: The Yellow Tinker/Lady Montgomery
Planxty: Si Bhaeg, Si Mhor
Solas: A Chromaraigh Aoibhinn O
Martin Hayes: My Love is in America
Patrick Street: Dennis Murphy's Reel/The Bag of Spuds/MacFarley's Reel
Cherish the Ladies: The Back Door
Hadrian's Wall: Aftermath
Dick Gaughan: Song for Ireland
Johnny O'Leary, Jackie Daly, Maire O'Keefe: The Lonseome Polkas
Dervish: Welcome Poor Paddy Home
Open House: The Humours of Ennistymon/Old as the Hills
Boys of the Lough: Erin Gra Mo Chroi
Cherish the Ladies: Cameronian Set
Patrick Street: Carrowclare
Gaelic Storm: Drink the Night Away


27 March

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Touchstone: Bolen's Fancy/The Dunmore Lasses/The Maid Behind the Bar/The
Glass of Beer
* Tannahill Weavers: The Gypsy Laddie
* Nomos: Brendan's Reels
* Robbie O'Connell: The Keg of Brandy
* Anam: The Long Night
* Hesperus: Scotch Hornpipe
* Hesperus: A Scots Tune/The Gypsie's Lilt
* Karan Casey: Ballad of Accounting
* Solas: The Stride Set
* Dervish: I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her
* Sileas: Tha Sior Chaoineadh 
* Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian LeMaitre: Mrs Kenny's/Gowden
Locks/Sweeney's Buttermilk/I Haven't Heard From Johnny Yet/Les Ridees du
* Whistlebinkies: A'Bhalsa Mu Dheireadh
* Mary Jane Lamond: Cha Tig Mor
* Cherish the Ladies: O'Keefeıs/The Shepard's Lamb/Johnny O'Leary's
* Niamh Parsons: Bonny Woodhall
* Full Moon Ensemble: Kilkelly
* Eileen Ivers: Lament for Staker Wallace
* Sharon Shannon: The Magic Foot
* Andy Stewart: Gallant Murray
* Moving Cloud: Follow Me Up to Carlow/New Custom House
* The House Band: The Factory Girl
* James Keane: Drowsy Maggie/Dublin Reel....
* Deanta: The Blacksmith
* Reeltime: Guiness in Germany
* Patrick Street: Music for a Found Harmonium


3 April

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Reeltime: Gort to Texas to Honolulu
* Sharon Shannon: The Bungee Jumpers
* The House Band: Walls of Troy
* Nomos: Scalloway Lasses
* Open House: Bourees
* Dick Gaughan: Crooked Jack
* Donal Lunny: Maldovian Triptych
* Open House: Ducino Kolo
* Skyedance: Dizzy
* Andy Stewart: Tak' It, Man, Tak' It
* Alasdair Fraser: Rain on Rannoch
* Boys of the Lough: Ook Pik Waltz
* Aly Bain: Midnight on the Water/Bonaparte's Retreat
* Reeltime: Garfield's Swing
* The House Band: Pharoh
* Donal Lunny: Trip to Sado/Dan-ti Dan-dan
* Eileen Ivers: Pachelbel's Frolics
* Sharon Shannon: The Munster Hop
* Whistlebinkies: A China Set
* Skyedance: Donostia
* Reeltime: Bulgarian Bash
* Open House: La Partida
* The House Band: Sadam's Reel/Kulsko Horo
* Eileen Ivers:
* Sharon Shannon: Sandy River Belle


10 April

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Deanta: Scarta Glen Road
* Dervish: Maire Mhor
* Boys of the Lough: Gaelic Mouth Music/Farewell to Gibralter/Captain's Horne/The High Road to Linton
* Liz Carroll: Clarke's Favorite/Pigeon on the Gate
* Planxty: Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Tabhair Dom Do Lamh
* Solas: The Yellow Tinker/Cranking Out/Master Crowley's #2
* Tannahill Weavers: Joy of my Heart/Kintail
* Milladoiro: Danza e Contradanza de Darbo
* Altan: A Bhean Udai Thall
* Bothy Band: The Blackbird
* The Boys of the Lough: Down the Broom/The Gatehouse Maid
* Buttons and Bows: Margaret's Waltz
* Reeltime: The Bantry Girl's Lament
* Patrick Street: Bring Back the Child/Paidin O'Rafferty
* Alasdair Fraser: Independence Trail/Galen's Arrival
* Capercaillie: Alasdair Mhic Chlla Ghasda/Miss Campbell of Sheeness/Balindore/Irish Jig
* Martin Hayes & Denis Cahill: The Bucks of Oranmore/Eileen Curran/Jimmy on the Moor
* Altan: Johnny's Wedding/Rogue's Reel/The Gravel Walk
* Ashley MacIsaac: Sad Wedding Day
* Moving Cloud: Kitty's Rambles/The Cook in the Kitchen/Paidin O'Rafferty's
* Anam: Lovely Joan
* Reeltime: Calliope House
* Sharon Shannon: Blackbird
* Solas: Nil Na La


17 April

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Silly Wizard: Simon MacKenzie's Welcome to his Twin Sisters/Farewell to the Heb
* Kevin Burke: Up in the Air/Across the Black River/All in Good Time
* Cherish the Ladies: Broken Wings
* Reeltime: Torc Waterfall
* Niamh Parsons: Blackbirds and Thrushes
* Natalie MacMaster: Close to the Floor
* Deanta: Willie and Mary
* Full Moon Ensemble: O Were I on Parnassus Hill
* Dervish: The Hungry Rock
* Open House: Barn Dances
* Gaelic Storm: Spanish Lady
* Solas: The Primrose Lass/Molly from Longford/The Four Kisses
* The Tannahill Weavers: DonaldMacLean's Farewell to Oban/Dunrobin Castle/The Wise Maid/Iain's Jig
* Silly Wizard: Donald McGillavry
* Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts: Valse Petit Dejeuner
* The Last Gaspe: Last Gasp/Spring Brook/Rannie MacClellan
* Cherish the Ladies: The Galway Rover
* Altan: Con Cassidy's/Dusty Millar
* Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts: Flemish Carillon Set
* The Bothy Band: The Navvy on the Line/The Rainy Day
* Eileen Ivers: The Orphan/Paul Montague's
* Tannahill Weavers: The Great Ships
* Johnny Cunningham: Johnny's Big Set
* The House Band: Rispiti/Mairtin O'Connor's
* Anam: Mary and the Soldier
* Solas: Nil Na La


24 April

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Solas: Waking Up Set
* Anam: Mo Chailin Donn
* Dervish: The Game of Love
* The Last Gaspe: Paddy's Return/Sean Ryan's/Paddy Clancy's
* Fourin na Feire: Caillieach an Airgid/The Return Home/Junior Crehan's
* Niamh Parsons: Flower of Magherally O
* The Bothy Band: The Morning Star
* Silly Wizard: Willie Archer
* Natalie MacMaster: Glad You Made It, Howie!
* Relativity: When Barney Flew Over the Hills
* Hesperus: The Thistle
* Hesperus: Gowd on Your Garters, Marion
* The Last Gaspe: Two Rivers
* Solas: The Wind that Shakes the Barley
* Eileen Ivers: Crowley's/Jackson's
* Sileas: Pi Li Li Liu
* Ashley MasIsaac: Wing-Stock
* Deanta: The Druid's Mountain
* Altan: Ta Mo Chleamhnas A Dheanamh
* The Bothy Band: The Traveller/The Humours of Lissadell
* Phil Cunningham: Violet Tulloch's Welcome to the Crask of Aigas/The Laird of Drumblar
* Tannahill Weavers: The Cullins of Rhum
* Reeltime: Montebellew to Milan
* Patrick Street: Patrick Street/Carraroe Jig
* Sharon Shannon: Mouth of the Tobique
* Dervish: Edward by Lough Eirin's Shore
* Johnny O'Leary, Jackie Daly, Maire O'Keefe: The Lonesome Polkas


1 May

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Patrick Street: Jenny Picking Cockles/An Gabhran/Jack Keane's Reel
* Altan: Donal agus Morag
* Reeltime: Trucks of Bohermore
* Andy Stewart: Take Her in Your Arms
* The Bothy Band: The Kesh Jig/Give Us a Drink of Water/The Flower of the
Flock/Famous Ballymote
* Gaelic Storm: Hills of Connemara
* Natalie MacMaster: If Ever You Were Mine
* Cherish the Ladies: Broken Wings
* Silly Wizard: Donald McGillavry
* Tannahill Weavers: Campbelton Kiltie Ball
* Niamh Parsons: The Water is Wide
* Dervish: Kilavill Set
* Jay Ungar & Molly Mason: The Mountain House
* The Full Moon Ensemble: Where Did It Go?
* Altan: The Sunset
* Solas: Paddy Taylor's/McFadden's Handsome Daughter/The Narrowback/Frank's Reel/Esther's Reel
* Silly Wizard: The Queen of Argyll
* The Whistlebinkies: The Whistlebinkies Jig
* Bothy Band: Do You Love an Apple
* June Tabor: No Man's Land/Flowers of the Forest
* Andy Stewart: Heart of the Home
* Phil Cunningham: The Four Stroke Reel/Martin O'Connor's Flying Clog/The
Four Stroke Reel
* Ashley MacIsaac: Sleepy Maggie
* Eileen Ivers: On Horseback
* Niamh Parsons: So Here's to You

So here's to you and our time together
I will share with you a parting glass
And bid adieu with some smile and laughter
Our time apart will be short and pass
-- Niamh Parsons, "So Here's to You"

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who made this show possible these past four years. I hope our paths cross again in the future.

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