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Spring 2000: 10-12 Saturday mornings

There's so much good music out there! I can't play it all, but my goal is to share with the community the fun and beauty of traditional Celtic music.
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5 February

RelativityThere Was a LadyGreen Linnet 20th Anniversary
AltanDonal Agus Morag(Heart of the Gaels)
* Anam: House on the Hill (Riptide)
* Bonnie Rideout: The Brown-Haired Maiden of the Goats (Soft May Morn)
* Andy Stewart & Manus Lunny: Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Go (Heart of the Gaels)
* Cherish the Ladies: Rolling in the Barell/The Pinch of Snuff/Vincent Campbell's/The Galloping Hound (Threads of Time)
* The Bothy Band: The Blackbird (The Best of the Bothy Band)
* Carol Thompson: Twisting of the Rope/Lady Gethin (The Peacock's Feather)
* Arcona Reel Band: St Brendan's Fair Isle (American Celtic)
* Local Hero: Local Hero Dancing Reels (Peace and Plenty)
* Moving Cloud: Fahy's Jig/Tap Room/The Maid Who Left the Country (Foxglove)
* Altan: Moll Dubh A' Ghleanna (The Best of Altan)
* Dervish: Touching Cloth (At the End of the Day)
* Milladoiro: Muiniera de Vilanova (Castelli Honesti)
* Ad Vielle Que Pourra: Evit Gabriel (Heart of the Gaels)
* Solas: Paddy Taylors/McFaddon's Handsome Daughter/The Narrowback/Frank's Reel/Esther's Reel (Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers)
* Johnny Cunningham, Kevin Burke, Christian LeMaitre: Dionne Reel/Mouth of the Tobique (Celtic Fiddle Festival)
* The Tannhill Weavers: Johnnie Cope/The Atholl Highlanders (The Best of the Tannahill Weavers, 1979-1989)
* The House Band: The Grey Funnel Line (October Song)
* Ken Kolodner & Laura Risk: Father Kelly's/Farrel O'Gara's/Richard Dwyer's (Walking Stones)
* Eileen Ivers: The Red-Haired Lass/Paddy O'Brien's/The Scholar (So Far)
* Miko Russell: The Potlick/The Peeler's Jacket (The Russell Family)
* The Bothy Band: The Tar Road to Sligo/Paddy Clancy's (1975)
* Reeltime: Guiness in Germany (Live It Up)
* The Whistlebinkies: The Wee Eddie Reel (A Wanton Fling)
* Capercaillie: Both Sides the Tweed (Heart of the Gaels)
* Natalie MacMaster: The Lass of Carrie Mills/Lennox's Love to Blantyre/Archie Menzies/Reichwall Forest (Fit as a Fiddle)
* Solas: Nil Na La (Solas)


12 February "Last night we spoke of love...."

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Aly Bain: Gillan's Reel/Charles Sutherland/Donald Stewart the Piper (Lonely Bird)
* Silly Wizard: Lover's Heart (Green Linnet 20th Anniversary)
* Altan: Mazurka (The Best of Altan)
* Maura O'Connell: Down by the Salley Gardens (Wandering Home)
* Natalie MacMaster: I'll Always Remember You (Fit as a Fiddle)
* Local Hero: Strathepeys and Reels for Smallpipes (Peace and Plenty)
* Cherish the Ladies: The Green Cottage Polkas (New Day Dawning)
* Reeltime: Believe Me (Live It Up)
* Luke Kelly: Whiskey in the Jar (Irish Drinking Songs)
* Metallica: Whiskey in the Jar (Garage, Inc)
* Ken Kolodner: Clock Waltz/Princess Beatrice/Loudons Bonnie Braes Strathspey/Princess Beatrice's Hornpipe (Walking Stones)
* The Bothy Band: Do You Love an Apple? (1975)
* Natalie MacMaster: If Ever You Were Mine (Fit as a Fiddle)
* Dervish: I Courted a Wee Girl/Josefin's Waltz (Live in Palma)
* Tannahill Weavers: Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie (Choice Cuts)
* Solas: The Primrose Lass/Molly from Longford/The Four Kisses (Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers)
* Cherish the Ladies: Green Grow the Rushes Oh (New Day Dawning)
* Altan: Jimmy Lyon's/The Teelin/The Red Crow/Broken Bridge (The Best of ALtan)
* Silly Wizard: Queen of Argyll (Live)
* The Boys of the Lough: Breton Wedding March/The Wild Irishman/The Scholar (Good Friends -- Good Music)
* Dervish: An Eirinn ni neosfainn ce hi (At the End of the Day)
* Deanta: Wille Taylor (There Was a Lady)
* Skyedance: Midnight on Raasay/The Braemar Cappucino (Way Out to Hope Street)
* Tannahill Weavers: Gypsy Laddie (The Best of the Tannahill Weavers, 1979-1989)
* Tannahill Weavers: Wild Mountain Thyme (Choice Cuts)


19 February

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Gaelic Storm: The Hills of Connemara (Gaelic Storm)
* Reeltime: Swaggering Jigs (Live It Up)
* Cherish the Ladies: Cherish the Ladies (Cherish the Ladies)
* Cherish the Ladies: Character's Polka/The Warlock/The Volunteer/The Donegal Traveller (The Back Door)
* Niamh Parsons: Alexander (Blackbirds and Thrushes)
* The House Band: Tom Hank/African Marketplace (Another Setting)
* Dervish: The Ploughman (Harmony Hill)
* The Whistlebinkies: Nuair a bha mi og (Timber Timbre)
* Tannahill Weavers: Lat May a braw wooer (Leaving St. Kilda)
* Gerald Trimble: War Hent Kerriguoarch/Gavotte de Scrignac (Heart of the Gaels)
* Donal Murphy, Matt Cranitch, Tommy O'Sullivan: Terry 'Cuz' Teahan's/Murphy's/O'Sullivan's (Sliabh Notes)
* The Bothy Band: Casadh An tSugain (The Best of the Bothy Band)
* Natalie MacMaster: Paddy LeBlanc's Set (No Boundaries)
* Ken Kolodner: Kevin Keegan's Waltz (Walking Stones)
* Solas: Vanished Like the Snow (Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers)
* Sharon Shannon: Blackbird (The Best of Sharon Shannon)
* Reeltime: Believe Me (Live It Up)
* Skyedance: Reel de Flores (Way Out to Hope Street)
* Milladoiro: Danze de Albarellos (As Fadas de Estrano Nome)
* Patrick Street: Wild ROver No More (Live from Patrick Street)
* Anam: The Last Pint/Trim the Velvet (First Footing)
* Niamh Parsons: Fear a Bhata (Blackbirds and Thrushes)
* Donal Murphy, Matt Cranitch, Tommy O'Sullivan: Siney's Jig/Rathawaun/The Hair in the Corn (Sliabh Notes)
* Altan: Glory Reel/The Heathery Cruach (The Best of Altan)
* Arcona Reel Band: Whiskey Before Breakfast (American Celtic)


26 February The curiousity of naming the tune.... With many thanks to my dear friend Don Cheetham

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Patrick Street: The Midnight Ramble/The Bogman/The Old Stage (Made in Cork
* The Boys of the Lough: I'll Buy Boots for Maggie/O'Connor's Polka (Regrouped)
* Seamus Ennis: The Rainy Day/First You Must Learn the Grip (Green Linnet 20th Anniversary)
* Finbar Furey: Rakish Paddy (The Irish Pipes of Finbar Furey)
* Finbar Furey: The Hag with the Money (The Irish Pipes of Finbar Furey)
* Gaelic Storm: Tell Me Ma (Gaelic Storm)
* Anam: Shetlag (First Footing)
* Sean Keane: The Golden Keyboard/Mayor Harrison's Fedora (Green Linnet 20th Anniversary)
* Carnloch: The Broken Pledge/The Old Torn Petticoat (The Crooked Road)
* Cherish the Ladies: Three Weeks We Were Wed (The Back Door)
* The Tannahill Weavers: Samuel the Weaver/The Panda/Thunderhead/The Cannongate Twitch (Heart of the Gaels)
* Johnny Cunningham: Celtic Society's Quickstep/42nd Highlander's Farewell (Fair Warning)
* Karan Casey: Roger the Miller (Songlines)
* Dervish: Drag Her Round the Road (At the End of the Day)
* The Boys of the Lough: The Morning Star/The FIsherman's Lilt/The Drunken Landlady (Out of the Wind and Into the Sun)
* Open House: Open House/Two to the Bar/Porter for Three (Open House)
* Jay Ungar & Molly Mason: The Lover's Waltz (The Lover's Waltz)
* Local Hero: The Windmill/Strathbogie Toast/Stewart's Rant (Peace and Plenty)
* Capercaillie: The Haggis (Crosswinds)
* Eoghan O'Sullivan & Gerry Harrington: I'd Rather be Married than Left/Gleantann Frolics/Nora Chrionna (The Smokey Chimney)
* Dervish: I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her (Playing with Fire)
* The Boys of the Lough: Kiss Her Under the Coverlet/The Lads of Alnwick (In the Tradition)
* Planxty: Merrily Kissed the Quaker (The Planxty Collection)
* Phil Cunningham: The House in Rose Valley (Airs and Graces)
* Stephen Quigg: The Bricklayer's Song (Dumbarton's Drums)
* The Whistlebinkies: My Wife's a Drunkard (Timber Timbre)
* Alasdair Fraser: Blue Bonnets over the Border/There Was an Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket 17 Times as High as the Moon/The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow (The Driven Bow)
* Gerry O'Connor: Niamh's Capers/The Flogging/The Reconciliation (Gaelic Roots)
* The Wood's Tea Co.: The Scotsman's Kilt


18 March All Irish, all the time...

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Carnloch: The Crooked Road/Man of Aran/Bobby Casey's (The Crooked Road)
* The Bothy Band: Rip the Calico (Out of the Wind and into the Sun)
* Cherish the Ladies: Inisheer (Putting on Airs)
* Niamh Parsons: Droimeann Donn Dilis (Blackbirds and Thrushes)
* Planxty: The Kid on the Mountain/An Phis Fhluich (The Well Below the Valley)
* Dervish: Lone Shanakyle (At the End of the Day)
* Altan: Con Cassidy's/Dusty Miller (The Red Crow)
* Gaelic Storm: Sammy's Fancy (Gaelic Storm)
* Eileen Ivers: The Geese in the Bog/The Wandering Minstral/Pride of Moyvane/The Low Road to Glin/The High Road to Glin (Eileen Ivers)
* Cherish the Ladies: The Back Door (The Back Door)
* Jerry O'Sullivan: If Ever You Were Mine (Putting on Airs)
* Altan: Tommy Beatty's Waltz (The Red Crow)
* Cherish the Ladies: The Dance (The Back Door)
* Mick Moloney & Eugene O'Donnell: St. Brendan's Fair Isle (Uncommon Bonds)
* Dick Gaughan: Song for Ireland (Heart of the Gaels)
* The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/The Flowers of Red Hill (1975)
* Mick Moloney: There Were Roses (Green Linnet 20th Anniversary)
* The Bothy Band: Strayaway Child (Out of the Wind and into the Sun)
* Dervish: An Eirinn ni Neosfainn Ci Hi (At the End of the Day)
* Solas: The Flowing Bowl/Maire Breathnach's #1/The Doon/The Mason's Men (Solas)
* The Boys of the Lough: Welcome Paddy Home (Welcome Paddy Home)
* Patrick Street: McDermott's Reel/The Plough and the Stars/Miss McLeod's (Live from Patrick Street)
* Gaelic Storm: Whup Jamboree (Gaelic Storm)


25 March A walk on the wild side

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Phil Cunningham: Ceilidh Funk (The Palamino Waltz)
* Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny: The Haughs of Cromdale (At it Again)
* Sharon Shannon: The Bag of Cats (Each Little Thing)
* The House Band: Pharoh (Green Linnet 20th anniversary)
* Donal Lunny: Trip to Sado/Dan-ti dan-dan (Coolfin)
* Arcona Reel Band: Banish Misfortune (American Celtic)
* Martin Hayes & Darol Anger: Banish Misfortune (Diary of a Fiddler)
* Eileen Ivers: DNA Bourrees (Wild Blue)
* Ashley MacIsaac: Sleepy Maggie
* Natalie MacMaster: Catharsis (No Boundaries)
* Capercaillie: Ailein Duinn (To the Moon)
* Altan: A Tune for Frankie (Blackwater)
* Solas: Sraid an Cloig (The Words that Remain)
* Rare Air: Mammoth No Arms (Heart of the Gaels)
* Donal Lunny: Coolfin/Nora Criona (Coolfin)
* Reeltime: Hayes and Hayes (Live It Up)
* Capercaillie: Oh Mo Dhutaich (green Linnet 20th Anniversary)
* Altan: Si Do Mhaimeo (Best of Altan)
* Skyedance: Dizzy (Way out to Hope Street)
* Wolfstone: Clueless (Piping Hot)
* Capercaillie: Co Ni Mine Rium (Beautiful Wasteland)
* Eileen Ivers: Blue Groove (Wild Blue)
* Natalie MacMaster: Reel Beatrice (No Boundaries)
* Alasdair Fraser: Funky 105 (Dawn Dance)
* Rare Air: Onward Blindly Onward (Piping Hot)
* Wolfstone: The Glass and the Can (Pick of the Litter)
* Natalie MacMaster: The Drunken Piper (No Boundaries)
* Sharon Shannon: The Munster Hop (Spellbound)


1 April

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Gaelic Storm: Sight of Land (Gaelic Storm)
* The Tannahill Weavers: Fisher Row/Newmarket House (Dancing Feet)
* Niamh Parsons: The Water Is Wide (Blackbirds and Thrushes)
* Johnny Cunningham: Sad is my fate (Fair Warning)
* Altan: The Jug of Punch (Best of Altan)
* Sileas: Planxty Crockery/Domhnall Dubh (Play on Light)
* The House Band: Sadam's Reel/Kulsko Horo (Another Setting)
* Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny: Take Her in Your Arms (Dublin Lady)
* Gaelic Storm: She Was the Prize (Herding Cats)
* The Whistlebinkies: A China Set (Timber Timbre)
* Capercaillie: Brenda Stubbert's Set (Crosswinds)
* Cherish the Ladies: Broken Wings (New Day Dawning)
* Phil Cunningham: The Palamino Waltz/Donna's Waltz (The Palamino Waltz)
* Sean Keane: The Tennessee Stud/Arkansas Traveller/Miss Susan Cooper (Jig it in Style)
* Patrick Street: When Adam was in Paradise (Made in Cork)
* Solas: Mom's Jig/Bill Nicholson's 67th (Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers)
* Full Moon Ensemble: The Bounds of Beauty (Safe Harbour)
* Reeltime: The Mountains of Pomeroy (Live It Up)
* Deanta: Paddy and the Bandit (Whisper of a Secret)
* Karan Casey: Ballad of Accounting (Songlines)
* Patrick Street: The Raheen Medley (Live from Patrick Street)
* Andy Stewart & Manus Lunny: Humours of Whiskey (Dublin Lady)
* Dervish: Buckley's Fancy/Name Unknown/Finn's Reel (Playing with Fire)
* The House Band: The Rocky Road to Dublin (Another Setting)
* Gaelic Storm: After Hours at McGann's (Herding Cats)


8 April The battle of Culloden, 16 April, 1746

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Tannahill Weavers: Hieland Harry (Choice Cuts)
* Altan: Fermagh Highland/Donegal Highland/John Doherty's/King George IV (Green Linnet 20th Anniversary)
* Sileas: Cameron MacFayden/Dr. Cameron's Casebook/Miss Kirsten Lindsay Morrison (Play on Light)
* Full Moon Ensemble: The Bluebells of Scotland (Safe Harbor)
* Silly Wizard: Miss Shepard's/Sweeney's Buttermilk/McGlinchey's Reels (Live Wizardry)
* Aly Bain: Gillian's Reel/Charles Sutherland/Donald Stewart the Piper (Lonely Bird)
* Capercaillie: Both Sides the Tweed (Heart of the Gaels)
* Whistlebinkies: Aye Waulkin' Oh (A Wanton Fling)
* Capercaillie: Rob Roy Reels (To the Moon)
* Tannahill Weavers: Carls o' Dysart (Choice Cuts)
* Silly Wizard: Wha'll be king but Cherlie? (A Glint of Silver)
* Memories of Scottish Weekend: Lezlie and Gordon's Waltz
* Memories of Scottish Weekend: De'il Amang the Tailors
* Tannahill Weavers: The Three Healths (Leaving St. Kilda)
* Local Hero: Mo Run Geal Og/Si Morag (Peace and Plenty)
* Local Hero: Ye Jacobites by Name (Peace and Plenty)
* Local Hero: Blue Bonnets (Peace and Plenty)
* Tannahill Weavers: The Athol Gathering (Leaving St. Kilda)
* Local Hero: Cam Ye By Atholl (Peace and Plenty)
* Local Hero: Brose and Butter (Peace and Plenty)
* Tannahill Weavers: Tranent Muir (1979-1989)
* Local Hero: Burnside of Tynet/John Cheap Chapman (Peace and Plenty)
* Deanta: Culloden's Harvest (Green Linnet 20th Anniversary)
* Local Hero: Bonnie Charlie's March (Peace and Plenty)
* Local Hero: It was all for our rightful king (Peace and Plenty)
* Local Hero: Hame Hame Hame (Peace and Plenty)
* Sileas: Pi Li Lu (Play on Light)
* Local Hero: MacRimmon's Lament (Peace and Plenty)
* Tannahill Weavers: Hieland Harry (Choice Cuts)
* Tannahill Weavers: Kintail (Piping Hot)


15 April Your DJ was dancing her feet off at NEFFA

22 April

* Relativity: There Was a Lady
* Silly Wizard: The Green Fields of Glentown/The Galtee Reel/Bobby Casey's #2/Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's Reel (Kiss the Tears Away)
* Dervish: Molly and Johnny (Playing with Fire)
* Matt Molloy & Sean Keane: Kitty in the Lane/Captain Kelly/The Green Mountain (A Gentle Breeze)
* Bothy Band: Slides (Out of the Wind and into the Sun)
* Cherish the Ladies: Highway to Kilkenny (New Day Dawning)
* Andy Stewart: At It Again (At It Again)
* Niamh Parsons: The Flower of Magherally O (Blackbirds and Thrushes)
* Altan: The King of the Pipers (The Best of Altan)
* Gaelic Storm: South Australia (Herding Cats)
* Open House: Okarina/The Tattoo (Hoof and Mouth)
* Alasdair Fraser: Lady Louisa Gordon's/Mrs. Gordon of Troup/The Fisher's Wedding/Lady Harriet Hope/The Mill of Laggan (The Driven Bow)
* Paddy Keenan, Mark Simos, Cathal Hayden: Brendan Tonra's/Drumshambo Fancy/Paddy Clancy's (Gaelic Roots)
* Solas: Johnny's Gone for a Soldier (Solas)
* The Last Gaspe: Two Rivers (Good to the Last Gasp)
* John McGann: Marie Anne's/the Log Cabin/Old Man, Old Woman/The Musical Priest/Sailor on the Rock (Gaelic Roots)
* Planxty: The Lakes of Pontchartrain (The Planxty Collection)
* Deanta: Two Days to Go (Whisper of a Secret)
* Liz Carroll: Reel Beatrice/The Abbey Reel (Playing with Fire)
* The House Band: Seven Yellow Gypsies (October Song)
* Bonnie Rideout: The Seagulls of Scarba/How I Passed the winter/Fair John's Sister/St Kilda Dance (Soft May Morn)
* Andy Stewart: If I never spend a morning without you (At It Again)
* Tony Ellis & Debbie Norris: Snowdrop (Gaelic Roots)
* Dervish: An Spailpin Fanach (At the End of the Day)
* Altan: Con Cassidy's/Dusty Millar (The Red Crow)
* Niamh Parsons: Sally Sits Weeping (Blackbirds and Thrushes)
* The Tannahill Weavers: The Cullins of Rhum (Choice Cuts)
* Altan: Yellow Tinker/Lady Montgomery (Live)
* Gaelic Storm: Drink the Night Away (Herding Cats)



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