Freshmen's Folly

to the Shetland reel "Da New-Riggit Ship"
by Kyla Tornheim and Jennifer Tyson, May 1998

So last week at the contra dance, I start noodling out my favorite fiddle tune, a Shetland reel "Da New-Riggit Ship." And Kyla starts dancing.

"The music's telling me to reel!" she hollers.

And thus a dance was born.

40 bar reel for 3 couples

1-4 First couple set and cast to second place
4-8 Right hands across with third couple
9-16 Right shoulder reels of three on the side of the dance End with first couple passing left shoulders in the center to face partner's side for
17-24 Double triangles
25-32 Corner partner
33-40 Six hands round and back