F O L K   D A N C E

No, wait, I wanna be a woman. -- Terry Harvey

Folk dance: possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me. At Swarthmore College, we have classes in both English and Scottish Country Dancing, organized under the auspices of the Folk Dance Club (run by us). It's an open class, and we welcome newcomers and area dancers. Tuesday and Thursday nights, LPAC studio. For more information, contact me.

Folk Dance Club also holds the Annual English/Scottish Ball, usually in February. We also help to cooridinate the RSCDS Ball, in March. Both are held in Upper Tarble. For further information on the club, go to the official Folk Dance website.

Kyla Tornheim '01 and I wrote a Scottish dance spring of our freshman year ('98). As an apology for our ineptitude, we dubbed it Freshmen's Folly.