December 1995

Old Man sits on a bench.
New Bench made in new factory
sits by a new road paved with new machines.

Old Man sits by himself.
	Old friends lie in new graves.
	Old homes lie under new cities.

Old Man looks at the sky.
New Sky filled with new smoke
	looks ugly
	smells bad
	tastes different.
covers New Horizon.

Old Man watches people go by.
	Young people with new lives
new concerns
	new jobs
		and new clothes.
They don't see Old Man.

Old Man folds the newspaper on his lap.
	Newspaper tells about 
New politicians making new laws
	for new purposes
that push Old Man aside.

Old Man doesn't see Young People
	or New World.
Old Man sees memories
	hears old voices
	jokes with old friends
	taps his foot to old songs
	cries old feelings.
Old Man lives.
	doesn't despair.
Old Man plays the game people play.
	Old man won.

© Lorrin Nelson
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