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I started using computers when I was very young, and the radiation eventually sunk deep into my frontal lobe and convinced me that it might be a good idea to study the derned things for, like, academic credit and stuff.

from the title of this page, I'm a geeky academician-in-training-type college student. Specifically, I'm a junior (class of 2000 for those of you not paying attention) at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (State motto: At least we're not Jersey.)

I spend much of my time pursuing a Computer Science/ Music double major, out of my dorm, Mary Lyons -- it's the burned-down girl's school nowhere near campus. When not working, I can often be found making fun of things in writing, amusing and disturbing my friends, wandering the Web, and otherwise wasting time making myself enjoy life.

Just for the purposes of completeness, I'd better put a sort of general page of Me up so if anyone actually cares about who I am rather than what I do, they can find it.

This page is best viewed in Netscape -- as opposed to squinting at the HTML code, I guess.

Send compliments, complaints, and chili recipes to jlewis2@sccs.swarthmore.edu