swarthmore college - the place where i spend most of my year in classes... and learning things.

i spent freshman year undecided as to my happiness, switching dorms and discovering the looser limits of college. i consulted profs and friends, decided to take fall term sophmore year off, and had wonderous adventures including a month in nicaragua and many nights on the couch in the lodge. much of the spring semester following was spent with these good friends trying beer and cooking a lot. my nights on the couch were less frequent.

now it is fall junior year, and i'm taking harder classes, and my room kicks butt. i want to feel at home again. it is sometimes hard to do that.
people: chuck, wayne, scott, greg, josh
courses right now: shamanism, grendel's workshop, artificial intelliegence, photography (at U Penn)
craziness: theory gone mad: a swat primer, the magic ml bus

josh after exams