[spring of sophmore year... i'm in the lodge and i get a write from josh... lodge influence is apparent in speech and subject matter...]

josh: ... Hey, what's goin on at my favorite lodge?

chris: little ray charles, guitar slim.... how you, bitch?

Ah... I'm supposed to be writing a lab up with my lab partner, but she is now 35 minutes late. I'm giving her till 1:30 and then I'm taking off.

wayne: hey dude. wayne here. i'm with you on the modernist stuff. want to discuss a little faulkner or levi-strauss later?

Shit yes! Modernists unite! Objective truth! By the way, finish your paper? Or at least close?

14 pages out of 15. almost there. time to break out the hot and rebellious liquors. here's chris again. latuh

chris: dude, fuck this modernist shit... gimme beer.

The liquors are hot and rebellious? I'm coming over!

always for you, baby...

Beer IS modernist, dude. Zima. Zima is pomo.

my fuckin head's gonna explode... what's rum?

Rum is Imperialist.

we're all going to hell...

Yes, but whose version of hell? I'm a big fan of Shaw's. <evil laugh>

vodka is anti-american... the word itself is russion for "stupid american"... (that's greg's)

Yeah, vodka is sort of Soviet neo-realist.
Modernist beverages include beer, good whiskey, and shitty wine.

in a Dostoyevskian sense?

More of an Eisenstein, but now i'm in the wrong field again. Soviet neo-realism is a cinematic trend, post-Revolution. Think bad Marxist propaganda.

man, if you ask me, all alcohol makes the world pretty impressionist...


Okay, riddle me this: My lab partner had a final at 9. She checked her email at 11, which means she must be done. And she's now 45 minutes late. Do I stay or do I go?
Dadaism is drinking from an empty bottle.

it's drinking from an empty shoehorn... dude, ditch her and get over here...

I'm on my way. Quick, to the Po-mobile!

that cuased mad uproar...

Then I'm on my way.