april 26

our berkeley teacher
sitting under crab apple
petal in his hair

i don't talk enough with my parents... haven't told them about my room for next year, or my thesis idea, or about finding old friends. i did tell them that i want to have a birthday party tho.

i hope this summer my brother and i get closer.
i can't just make it happen,
but i can strand us in northern spain and see what happens.
we spent too long apart.

people reading their own short stories are amazing
also make me want to write.
not like i used to, but with that same spirit and new life.
it is the creative outlet that i left behind
and seeing them makes me feel unskilled but hopeful.

on my way back from visiting jess, i pick a flower from the wild viburnum growing next to the sidewalk. so sweet, i am in love with it's simple, full, unquestioning sweetness.

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