august 10

ok so shari just wrote me an email and i have a lot of energy, but i want to tell you about yesterday. the san mateo crowd and wayne and i went to point reyes for the afternoon... the drive took forever, but it was along those crazy twisting roads that wind along the california coast and i really rather liked it. i think my car likes that kinda thing too, and now that it's oiled up and has a new radiator hose ($110 ack) it's even happier. once in the park we went to north beach and quickly discovered that it is entirely made up of the most incredible array of little pebbles in amoungst even smaller stone grains. there was every color of red and green, beige and gray, and some were even striated and criss-crossed amalgums of different colors, and they were by far the most fun to find. i collected some in a film can for some unknown purpose, and dave, who is much closer to enlightenment then i, said it was kind of a zen thing, more about the finding than the having. i knew he was right and felt a bit ashamed that i wanted to own all these little bits of the huge beautiful beach, but i figure i'll make something out of them that will bring pleasure to someone, and in that way it's not me just owning them. or perhaps they will just sit in my collection... i am only human after all. so we made a little mosaic in the sand, a fish that we bother saw in the stones and built out from opposite sides without talking about it. cathy and i wrestled, and i won most of the time, but she kept coming back and in that way she had more spirit than i, and maybe i was too triumphant. later we carved faces into the sandstone ledge above the beach and then all went to the windswept point of the lighthouse to see the view.

so shari, why is it that you give me this energy?

so i go to the stuffed inn for a sandwich and to relax. the room where everyone sits is high-ceilinged and wood on the walls, and there's a small old man who cleans off the tables who i've never heard say a word but he smiles alot. then i go and lay down on the low wall across the street, under dappled sunlight and my back on the cool cement. it seems i have come full circle for the summer... this is where i went my first day at work. i am almost ready to return to the home that is stockton and swat.

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