Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998
From: chris
To: wayne
Subject: Re: Yo

[wayne asks if i still want to go to denver, which we decided to do for some
reason.  nb: this is when we both finally realized that we are insane.]

dude, i'm appalled you would think i would back out on this one. ;)  after
all, i did rekindle it cuz i wanted to go.  i researched greentortoise,
which was a no go.  the only thing keeping me from going would be a)
complete un-welcome-ness from emily, which i doubt b) car faliure c) a
better offer, and since nobody's waving tickets to italy in my face, that
ain't coming d) mass hysteria blocking the roads due to a mid-desert
duran-duran concert e) wild bison f) jams coming back into style g) a
really big asteriod h) all of the above.  so ya, i wanna go.

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