july 10

for the trip to denver wayne and i threw together some gormet pb&j's with grainy bread and trader joe's spreads. popped the pb in the nuker and zap! blue sparks and i hit the open button - artifacts of the old aluminum seal on the rim were spoted with black.

out of the bay area and towards the sierras on 50. we passed the big banging semi's and into paradise where we could finally smell the pine. a river did it's somersaults and frothed from green to white. it was rumblin along and having the best ole time! so was i being along it, so beautiful.

past an abandoned drive in movie field and a rock shop with dark black and medicine obsidian.
wayne: "you'll own one of those some day."

into the hot air and brown alien hills. it's so easy to get goin fast on a desert highway, they go straight for a half hour(!) between the north-south running mountain ridges. you feel pretty unstoppable, but the man was there to foul up our flight. he pulled us over on a lonely stretch of nevada (he was headed the other way so i'm not really sure how he measured us) and got the license and registration of two eastcoast boys. we were doin 85 but he took it down to 75, not a moving violation so it doesn't go on wayne's license, and made the state 50 bucks richer. he had a point tho - we might have hit a cow, and then my car would never get us back to the east, let alone denver.

i've found that mangos are great for travel, cuz for the most part they don't go bad too quick, and you can break them out on a sidewalk with a knife and tinfoil cuttingboard, slice the cross -hatches and devour.

the sky had just gotten fully dark when the road turned east towards a bright patch in the sky. a full moon was rising out of the clouds, big and fat. it was egg-shaped, like it was holding inside all that i have left to learn about the world. a traveler's moon, showing you the silhoette of every thing around you, just enough to get you curious, and nothing more.

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