june 25

another day at work,
an' my fingers are doin' their little dance across the keys, i'm eatin' my simpl e bread and cheese sandwich, and it really isn't that bad.

i write a little bit more for the story
that's fallen together, a little thing
based on the fractals my screensaver produces when i'm at home or off at lunch.

i've been reading more of justin's pages
some of the older ones
and i get to writing like he does,
which makes me feel kinda like i'm copying
but it makes sense.
it's easy to read, sounds good in my head
free from rules (kerouac would approve)
and it flows and helps me write.
maybe i won't do it this way forever
cuz i would lose my own style
mix them? enhance/rethink my style?
must remain open like the poppy on my desk

never can lose yourself completely
what you've got doesn't go away
must evolve into new creatures from
what we are and what effects us.

went out to trader joes,
not for the dried strawberries
i like to pay for the wine
shiraz and napa valley white

email to my mom about getting my brother out to visit

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 19:51:36 -0400 (EDT)
To: family
From: chris
Subject: Re: Random from Family

howdy all... life's been crazy, as per usual, but i think i may actually
be settleing in... the sun is out again and i've been having fun doing
some of my own web stuff, and a bunch of us went out to see mulan last
night in this crazy old theater.  the seats in the balcony were barely
bolted down, and it even had a gold velvet curtain that raised when the
movies started.  the walls were covered in egyptian-style painting and
sculpture, and the ceiling was a black fabric with pinholes in it that
almost looked like stars.  pretty different from flemington, eh?  this
weekend we're probably going to the beach (note to mike: we may stop by
and say hi to yung, who's in stanford.  you may not remember him, but we
were captains together)... anyway, i talked to mimi, and she said that they
might have frequent flier miles to give me, altho i really hate to beg...
i'll give you a call tonight when i get home and we can figure it out.
i've done some research - all the deals are complicated, but the best one
is two round-trip tickets for $550 to anywhere in the continent... it's a
student deal supposedly for flying to/from school.  mike's over 14, so he
can get them in his name, and use the other one maybe to go to santo
domingo (also covered by the package) for fall break to visit guiter?
t'is and idea.  the poppy on my desk is closing up, which means it's
almost time to leave... call ya soon ;)   love chris

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