june 23

i spent a couple of hours at some spots on the web trying to get my mind off the frustrations of my job. i really should be happy - producing educational pages which reach across the planet, getting to be creative in a medium that fascinates me, in my own little room, with my friend's dad next door for occasional spiritual guidance, and the pay may get my brother out here to visit. plus the lights are motion-activated! and gail used to own a bakery, so sometimes she brings in tastey morsels.

you can only find so much inspiration in your own mental watering holes. an energetic atmosphere helps like a summer thunderstorm.

it could be that the 20" monitor is no substitute for good old-fashioned sunlight, and i'm getting some sort of office-worker's seasonal depr. syndr. of sumpn'. i do enjoy the outdoors, altho my last outdoor job involved eight hours in a parking lot with sunburned feet. especially in the summer. on the eastcoast things get so hot and humid sometimes that you don't worry. everything is bathed in heat and anything cool is such pleasure that you don't have to look so hard for it.

i mostly looked thru the {fray}, a collection of quotes and pictures from burning man, and one on beds that caught my interest. it was a series of descriptions of memorable beds where the author had slept with her lovers, the various arangements of bedding and layers and textures. scents that made everything simple and natural and rich. something that we all know about even if you've only slept with yourself.
there was a section where you could add your experiences, and i wrote about my bed at l'ville.

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