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swarthmore living wage and democracy campaign

Welcome to the Swarthmore Living Wage and Democracy Campaign's website! We are a coalition of mostly Swarthmore students working in solidarity with staff and faculty.

We believe that all Swarthmore staff deserve a wage that will allow them to support themselves and their families, without getting government assistance or working additional jobs. We also believe that all members of the community should have a real voice in the process that decides their wages and other important decisions.

Hooray! The Board of Manager's passed President Bloom's Staff Compensation Proposal! This isn't a complete living wage, but it's certainly an important step in the right direction, and a real foundation for future steps toward justice.

p.s. please bear with us as we revamp this page--not all of the links are working yet, but they should be soon. soon meaning after the campaign members pass all of their final exams.