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president bloom's proposal on a living wage

On September 20th, President Bloom presented a proposal to faculty that recommended health care for low-wage staff's families. he estimated it would cost $180,000. (Read the full text here.)

Recently, he discovered the Children's Health Care Program. This is a government-sponsored program that provides health care to children of families below a certain income. President Bloom revised his proposal to only provide health care for the spouses/partners of staff, which would cost an estimated $54,000. (Read his current proposal here.)

Finally, after meeting with faculty etc., he's drafted a third proposal that was voted for unanimously at the most recent faculty meeting. It recommends a minimum wage increase to $10.38 adjusted each year for inflation, means-tested health care for the spouses/partners of staff, and covering children CHIP doesn't cover. (He estimates it would cost $100,000-$130,000, but it's hard to tell because he doesn't know exactly how to determine who qualifies for the spousal health care.) Pretty much, this proposal isn't not good enough, but it's a very important step. Read the full text here. Then, make plans to come to our rally on December 4th! We'll celebrate this victory without losing sight of the work left to be done.