.... Rockin' on in to a new semester

Doppler Gang is a mixed a cappella rock ensemble from Swarthmore College. Formed in 1993, we perform a variety of great rock music, from Dire Straits and Journey to Guns-n-Roses and the Pet Shop Boys. With six new members, we're tuning up for a great year, with a tour and several other gigs planned next semester. Our new rep includes the Beach Boys, the Cars, Led Zepplin, the Stray Cats and a host of other greats....

Membership, Fall 1997:

Historical Membership
of Doppler Gang is now at 20. Our dinosaurs are:

  • Bradley Gabe '95
  • Lisa Stefanovich '96
  • Jim Macleod '96 (email)
  • Lesley Tsina '96
  • Sara Jansson '97 (email)
  • Michelle Martinez '97 (email)
  • Dave McKechnie '97 (email)
  • Onat Negiz '97 (email)
  • Peter Sollins '97 (email)

Doppler Gang's first CD,
SIMULTANEOUS CONVERSATIONS, has returned from the printing press and is now available!! With 15 tracks and 53 minutes of pure rock and roll a cappella, you can be sure that your $10 is well spent. Visit The CD Page for cover art, audio clips, and all the inside info!!

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Evan Dorn

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