Test Requirements:

      These are the test requirements for belt ranks. Although Aikido retains the traditional white/black only belt system, there are several ranks within each color. The average path to black belt takes about 7-10 years. Testing is entirely optional, so don't panic. If none of these words make any sense to you, see the technique nomenclature page.

6th Kyu (30 days)

5th Kyu (6th Kyu + 60 days)

4th Kyu (5th Kyu + 80 days)

3th Kyu (4th Kyu + 100 days)

2nd Kyu (3rd Kyu + 200 days)

1st Kyu (2nd Kyu + 300 days)

Sho Dan (1st Kyu + 400 days)                                                                                   [Black Belt]

Ranks do continue up through 9th or 10th Dan (It is disputed whether the 10th's out there are really legitimate.), however, you most certainly won't achieve any of these during your time at Swarthmore. So, higher rank requirements will not be posted here.

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