The Swarthmore College Computer Society (SCCS) is a student-run group offering computing services, tools, toys, and information to the Swarthmore College community. We have a computer lab and video room in Tarble, offer email and web accounts to users and student groups, and periodically host workshops on various topics in technology and computers. Our goal is not to mirror ITS, but to complement and supplement widely available services by providing resources that would otherwise be out of the reach of individuals.

Our services include physical and electronic resources. For example, you can hang out or work in the Media Lounge, watch movies or play games in the Video Pit, and take photos or make movies with our cameras. Or, from the convenience of anywhere in the world with the internet, you can make your own website, get spam-free email, get l33t with a shell account, and make wikis, databases, and mailing lists for your group.


The SCCS was founded in the Fall of 1991, by a group of Swarthmore students. We obtained an official charter from the Budget Committee for the Spring, 1992 semester. The SCCS was founded, in part, to support the activities of students in Dana and Hallowell who had decided to create an Appletalk network by stringing phone cable between rooms. Approximately 32 Macintoshes on 4 floors (3 in Hallowell, 1 in Dana) were on the network, as was one heavy-duty laser printer. Gobs of time was spent diagnosing the many network outages that occurred on an almost-daily basis (usually due to cables being clamped by window frames) but it was fun. Of course, this was two years before the College network came into being...

Check out the WayBack Machine to see some old versions of our homepage.

Our Staff

Class of 2021

David Bauman, Yi Fei Cheng, Greg Lee

Class of 2022

Bill Dengler, Christian Galo

Class of 2023

Theron Mansilla, Vipul Periwal, George Visconti Jr., Meiqing (Emma) Jin

Class of 2024

Zachary Robinson, Orlando Azuara, SaengMoung (Jacob) Park, Yatin Lala, Yujin Cho