10.30pm-12.00am Sproul

evan and I agreed on saucony tennis shoes.

dave lewis, sam weiler, justin hall, evan dorn

in the first meeting of the SCCS webmasters. alumni maintenance topped the agenda
We've been keeping track of alumni for a while now, a pain to add and remove and change information. Sam offers a nearly-completed script to manage those tasks. We quibble over permissions, public ability to change, and webmaster notification.

Where we had originally wanted to shuck the page maintenance duties all together, Evan observes that we keep the ball in our court by keeping the page, and doing a good job with it.

how much information to provide at the top level?

Sam favoured the mit approach over the williams approach, evan mentioned ugu

Dave suggested a central metaphor for the whole thing, Evan thinks it could be electronic leaves variation on the cc page, only better.

student ad banners
as a means to expose cool stuff, funkdify the front page, we wrestle with the idea of student ad banners. No real qualms, just proper implementation. Most of the icky stuff will arise after that point, which hinges mainly on Sam finding the time to build the scripts that will search the the web-docs/ directories, and the /org/ pages to find the following files:

sccs.ad.gif - their banner
sccs.ad.html - their text alternative
sccs.ad.link - their ad link address

which will be daily databased, and available for random loading from the front page, and the studpage, where we insert some preconfigured notifyer,

<---insert random ad here---> type of thing.

I suggested a half-screen width banner, to accomodate more ads, and provide a more usable aspect ratio.

Evan suggests height= and width= tags to keep screen size in line, and Sam will ad a file size checker.

page archives
justin's vision of personal web yearbooks requiring SCCS student page archiving
or, dave mentions, the alumni office?

after justin's idea to structure URLs

for ease of archiving,
Evan suggests a full sccs meeting to discuss this fairly radical shift in the role and resources of the sccs.

justin wants help polling all the seniors with web pages to see if they'd like to leave a static sample of their page production, sam and evan to script.