The Swarthmore College Computer Society (SCCS) is housed in the Aviary on the fifth floor of Parrish Hall. All general SCCS meetings are held here. Meetings occur occasionally during the semester and are announced on the sccs mailing list. The SCCS maintains Merlin and Kestrel, two student-accessible UNIX servers. For more information, please write John Rieffel, SCCS President for '98-'99.

To join the SCCS mailing list, and become an official member, send a message to with the word subscribe in the subject of the message.

In May 1995, the SCCS adopted a new organizational structure. More detailed information about the history of the SCCS is also available.

SCCS Officers

A President, Treasurer, and Secretary. They are elected at the end of every academic year. Note that the Budget Committee requires that treasurers not be seniors. Officers can be reached at Please contact them if you have questions about the SCCS.

Officers for 1998-1999 academic year are:

SCCS Services/Functions

SCCS System Administrators

Sysadmins can be reached at Staff. Current SCCS Sysadmins are:
Christopher DiLeo
Wharton A/B 115
Chris Cutler
Mary Lyon 4010
Chris Fanjul
Mary Lyon 504
Dan Wood
Wharton C/D
John Rieffel
Tom Stepleton

Chancy Schulte

SCCS Webmasters

The Webmasters are here to help you with your Web-spinning needs!

If you want to put your learn how to put your own page up here at Swat, Here are some instructions.

Anyway, here are the webmasters:

Christopher Dileo
Wharton A/B 115
Chris Cutler
Mary Lyon 4010

Policy Board

Policies for our workstations are made by a UNIX Policy Board with weekly meetings. The current sccs policies are contained it the policy document The members can be reached collectively as Here is a list of some account guidelines SCCS workstation users should follow.

On the policy board are:


The SCCS maintains mailing lists for several campus organizations. If an organization you are involved with would like to have a central mailing list on an SCCS machine, please send mail to staff@sccs for more information.

Macintosh Users' Group

The SCCS is an Apple-registered Macintosh Users' Group (MUG). We occasionally have special meetings where we demonstrate new software/hardware or talk about current Macintosh events. We send two members to MacWorld Expo in Boston every summer where they can learn more about what's happening in the Macintosh portion of the computer industry. Any and all questions about our MUG can be sent to Brendan Nyhan.

PC Users' Group

Users with PCs on campus have no need to worry anymore. With the beginning of 1998, the Swat PC Task Force jumped to life--a group of 13 freaks who are confident in working the Gates machines. Service is free of charge and provided independently from the college itself. All requests should be placed solely using the form on the PC Support Web Page. Furthermore, a mailing list exists that serves as the PC users' primary source of news, changes, and general infos. To subscribe, send an email to with subject 'subscribe'.
Swarthmore PC Support is independent of the SCCS, but we would like to express our thanks to the staff for providing us with webspace and mailing lists. If you have questions, please contact MaD dUCK.

SCCS Library

A library of books is maintained in the Aviary as well, where they can be checked out by any member of the Swarthmore College community. They vary in focus from beginning Mac and UNIX books to books intended for the fairly advanced programmer.

SCCS Charter

Statement of purpose:

  1. To provide a forum for College computer enthusiasts to discuss computing issues and try out hardware and software.
  2. To provide a support resource for computer difficulties of any sort occurring on student equipment or for any student questions regarding computing issues.


  1. We do not condone the illegal copying of commercial software (software piracy).
  2. We are committed to the control and eradication of computer viruses.
  3. Membership is open to all members of the Swarthmore College community, regardless of sex, race, creed, physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other such factors.
  4. Deliberate failure to comply with these policies may result in revocation of privileges of membership.