Editor's note:Since this survey was never meant to be distributed electronically, it has not been completely formatted into a full web document.In some cases it may be difficult to read. We apologize. Paper distribution of the survey, rather than web or e-mail, was chosen to guarantee coverage of as much of the student body as possible.

SCCS Ethernet Survey

The Swarthmore College Computing Society (SCCS), in collaboration with the Dean's office and the Computing Center, is looking into the possibility of adding ethernet servie into the residence halls within the next yeaer or two. Please help us determine campus interest by filling out this survey.

Ethernet is a type of physical network that is very similar to the localtalk currently installed in the residence halls. There are three primary differences:

  1. ethernet is five to ten times faster than localtalk,
  2. IBM-compatibles can easily connect to ethernet
  3. most Macs require additional hardware to connect to ethernet

Please circle one for each question:

What is your class year: 96 97 98 99

What residence hall do you live in:
DanaHallowellParrishWharton MertzWillets
WoolmanPalmer/PittRobertBond/Lodges MLoff-campus

What type of computer do you have in your room(circle all that apply):
IIClassicLC I/II/IIIPerforma
286386486Pentiumdon't know
other ________________________

If you have a Mac:
Was the inability of PCs to use the campus network a significant factor in your decision to buy a Macintosh?
yes no sort-of

If you have a PC:
What operating system do you use?
DOS Windows Win95 WinNT OS/2 Linux FreeBSD other_______

Would you like to be able to network your PC?
yes no don't care

Have you bought a Mac in addition to your PC so that you could use the campus network?
yes no considered it

If you have a computer:
Did you expect to be able to put your computer on the campus network when you arrived on campus?
yes no didn't think about it

Would you use ethernet if it:
cost nothing?yesnomaybedon't know
cost $50?yesnomaybedon't know
cost an amount depending on the type computer you own?
(see chart below)
yesnomaybedon't know
cost $50 plus an amount depending on the type of computer you own?yesnomaybedon't know
Type of ComputerPrice
LC, Performa (not 61xx), Mac II, SE/30, Classic, Centris/Quadra 6xx, IBM-Compatable$80-100
PowerMac 6100 7100 8100, Performa 61xx Quadra 7xx 8xx 9xx, Powerbook 5xx ~$30
PowerMac 7200 7500 8500 9500$5

Please place this survey in campus mail. The mail room staff will pass it on to the SCCS.

Thank you,
The SCCS Ethernet Committee

For more information on our goals and current progress, check out the SCCS Ethernet Committe Web Page at:


If you have any questions, or would like to be added to a mailing list of people interested in Ethernet at Swarthmore, please email us at: Ethernet Committee Home Page