The SCCS Ethernet Committee

In September, 1995, the SCCS established an committee to explore the possiblity of bringing ethernet service to any or all dorm rooms on campus. We were well aware of the Computing Center's long term plan to incorporate ethernet into the current network topology, but we also realized this change would not occur before the majority of the interested members graduated.

Over the summer of 1995, a plan was devised whereby the SCCS would purchase, install and maintain ethernet equipment in the dorms as an interim solution. The members of the SCCS recognized this would entail a signifigant amount of time, funding, and support from the CC and the college. However, those concerned felt the effort would be worth the benefits. The Ethernet Committee was formed to investigate the possibilties.

Late Breaking News!

The week after Fall Break, Todd and Aaron went to speak to Mark Dumic from the CC. He had some good advice and some sobering news. First, he basically informed us that our current plan was infeasible. The reason: the ethernet backbone for the school was reaching saturation. He explained that with the current setup, groups up to 5 dorms are essentially linked together into one large ethernetwork. Each of these ethernets is tied together with the acedmic networks and such in either Parrish or Beasdsley basement. For example, with the current setup, Danawell, Wharton and PPR are all tied together on one network. With this setup, the combined network traffic from all the localtalk users alone is starting to fill these networks. Within 1 to 2 years, it will be necessary to rearrange the current system.

With this in mind he presented what he described as a 'very rough' budget for new equipment totalling about $200,000. He explained his position as 'he would love to do it this summer, if he only had the money.' With that in mind, the Ethernet Committee has decided to shift its focus to becoming a lobbying group for an official CC-administered ethernet.

Later, Mark also told us that he had recently spoken to local dealers of ethernet equipment from SMC Incorporated, a major manufacturer, and explained that he had been offered an educational discount which would reduce the price estimates given to us by a sizable percentage.

Current Plans

Technical Details

More details on the ethernet vs. localtalk controversy as they develop.

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