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Oct 30 Show - Part 1
Oct 30 Show - Part 4

      Here are pickings from the wide variety of African songs we play on the show:

  • Philemon Zulu's "Ngishela ka Mathonsi" from his 'How long' album on the Sanachie label. This song is a rendition of a traditional zulu marraige proposal. Joseph Armah played it on almost every show last year! Yes it is that good.

  • From Ghana, the now dormant African Brothers Band, bring us their top song "Me Poma" which means, "my walking stick". This song was released in 1984 by Rounder records.

  • Not to be outdone, one of Zimbabwe's top music group, the Bhundu Boys will get you dancing with their funky, 'popish' song "Bye Bye Stembi". This song is one of my personal favourites. It never fails to get me dancing. I am sure you will like it too!

  • From Mali, in West Africa, comes another music luminary known as Ali Farka Toure. Ali sings traditional songs from his native Mali. This song is called 'Nawiye'. The song is a very old traditional praise song of Timbuktoo.

  • In 1984, Alpha Blondy, a young musician from Cote D'Ivoire, loudly announced his arrival unto the African music scene with a hugely popular album filled with his own brand of reggae. Since then, Alpha Blondy has become a household name in West Africa. This song, Sweet Fanta Diallo was released on his fourth album, 'Revolution' in 1987. I can still still remember when, as a kid, my friends and I would sing it over and over again. I am sure Nii and Stephen did likewise :-) .

  • Youssou N'Dour, from Senegal, sings for us, 'Africa remembers', a song on his 'Eyes Open' album. Youssou's unique voice has an amazing penetrating ability on his hearers. Enjoy this one :-) .

  • Angelique Kidjo, Benin's daughter, sings "Batonga."

  • The Soul Makossa Man - Manu Dibango sings "Bigblow!"

  • Tarika; that funky group from the island of Madagascar sing 'Tsy Kivi'.

  • From Angola, by way of Portugul, comes Bonga with his song; 'Uengi'.

  • Like Sokouss? Here is Papa Wemba from Congo (DRC) with 'Kaokokorombo'.

  • Here is an awesome wedding song from 'King' Hugh Masakela. He calls it 'Zulu Wedding'.

  • And last but certainly not the least, Baaba Maal with 'Yolela' and 'Sidiki', one my favourites.

          Check out a sample playlist, listen to some of the songs and then request a song online! You need the RealPlayer G2 to listen to the sound clips. Download a free copy of the RealPlayer if you do not already have one installed on your computer.

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