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Likely downtime for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Lolcat - "no, its not that bad yet - so far its just raining cats"Hurricane Sandy hits sometime tonight (Sunday 10/28) or tomorrow morning, bringing torrential rain and high winds that will almost certainly take out the College’s power/internet at some point between now and Tuesday afternoon.  Risks to life and limb aside, the important consequence of this for you, dear user, is that SCCS will go down when that happens for an indeterminate length of time (perhaps as much as 48 hours, but hopefully less).  Consider it a portent of the apocalypse.

Want further evidence of impending doom?  Swarthmore College actually canceled classes because of the weather – for the first time in at least 34 years.  So gather your families.  Stockpile food and weapons.  Stay safe.  And don’t miss us too much – we’ll be back soon, providing you with lolcats til the fall of civilization.

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