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HOPEFULLY FINAL UPDATE: The pit is now fully operational! The projector shipped to us was defective in that the lamp exploded, but now we have a new one and it works. The pit will probably be locked most of the time while we figure out security. Make your reservation online at or email

Apparently much of the campus has been waiting with bated breath for the return of the SCCS Video Pit (personally, I wouldn’t mind having some more Rock Band in my life). I am happy to report that the projector has arrived. This afternoon we will be applying copious amounts of elbow grease and hopefully getting it securely mounted on the ceiling, at which point the pit will be fully operational again.

At least on a temporary basis, there will be new hours, because we obviously don’t want the equipment vandalized again. Public Safety will be unlocking the pit only between the hours of 6pm and 3am (it will close earlier on certain nights when we are worried about intoxicated individuals). At other times during the day, students are perfectly free to use it, but you will need to email, and a staff member will take care of unlocking the pit for you and locking it when you leave. The new restricted hours are not to keep students out, but to guard against unauthorized (i.e. non-College) access.

I will post an update when the projector is up and running. Be sure to reserve some time for you and your friends through Concierge, our equipment/space reservation system.

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