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Email Troubles

You may have noticed a bit of email weirdness lately (or maybe you have not noticed it, in which case we are succeeding at keeping things more or less smooth!). We’re having massive trouble with spam, to the point where Yahoo has blocked us completely and Hotmail is sometimes sending our email straight to the Junk folder. So if you’ve been unable to send email to Yahooligans or Hotmailiens, that’s why. We’ve also been put on notice that we are “backscattering,” which is when a spammer pretends to be some innocent third party, so we bombard said third party with bounce emails. This is the kind of thing that gets you on blacklists, unfortunately.

We are doing everything we can to fix this, including extreme measures. The PHP mail() function has been completely disabled, and personal installs of WordPress in people’s accounts may be cut off from the Web, since old versions of WordPress are a very easy way to hack into a system (everyone should really switch to our WPMU, anyway). Also, change your password.

We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing, and hopefully the mess will be sorted out soon.

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