some thoughts on Toto:

Sunday, September 15, 1996

I'm reading an interesting book for my American Narrative Cinema class called The Wizard of Oz by Salman Rushdie. It analyzes this classic movie of 1939, discussing everything from how the film folks found all their munchkins to the symbolism of doors & windows. I get a kick out of the following passage because I've always felt the same way, yet I've never heard anyone else articulate it before:
"I couldn't stand Toto. I still can't... Toto: that little yapping hairpiece of a creature, that meddlesome rug!... L. Frank Baum, excellent fellow, gave the dog a distinctly minor role: it kept Dorothy happy, and when she was not, it had a tendency to 'whine dismally': not an endearing trait."
Few people know, but I don't really like dogs in general. There are a few I can tolerate, yet for the most part I find canines to be obnoxious creatures, barking and drooling all over the place. There's the truth for you.

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