What's going through my brain these days?

Monday, May 13, 1996

I'm just sittin' here, on the 3rd floor of Kohlberg at 12:35am, and I feel like my life is on the right path. It's just one of those times when things are working out and I feel in the groove. It's kind of crazy since this is the last week of the semester -- crunch, final exams, papers. I have so much to do (pack, study for espanol, write 20-page Quantum Physics research paper, etc.), but I'm not stressed at all.

I like this cozy little nook I found in this new building. I'm by a big window facing LPAC, in a really comfy easy chair with a big low coffeetable. This place is quiet right now. But I know that there are other students hiding out in all the classrooms. Swatties, hard at work, drinking their Diet Cokes and cramming until dawn. I now have the Quantum books spread out before me, and the ideas are starting to click in my brain. So satisfying. I know that once the concepts start to gel, if they're interesting I won't need any caffeine to keep me awake. The adrenaline will start pounding through my veins, and time will just slip by. Next thing I know, I'll look up and light will be streaming in through the window, and I'll have a long rough draft paper sitting on my lap. That's just the way it happens for me. But not tonight. Now I'm just starting to digest all the ideas.

Are all the classical physics ideas I learned in Ms. Kennedy's high school class really wrong? In some ways, my sense of physics-reality is getting all shaken up. Electrons, photons and atoms are crazy little suckers. All this time I've accepted the conventional views of how our world is put together, but really the picture goes much deeper (or perhaps it's NOT AS deep, as Niels Bohr would argue).

I loved reading Justin's Page today. Sitting there on the fourth floor of McCabe, it made me smile n' glow! He is such an interesting person, and I'll think that no matter what people tell me. I'm happy that I'm now in his sphere, not just looking at it from a distance (like watching TV), like I once thought was the best position to be in. Like my intuition tells me, risk is good.

A thought occurred to me yesterday: Maybe Web & 'Net stuff is really my forte. My future. It seems to be a path that would truly melt my buttah! I'd be good at it, and hey, it's the hot career choice of the future (and the present). I can feel it in my bones. I was first exposed at Miles' house, clicking around on his Mac. Then I learned a solid foundation of knowledge with Charley and Noli. Then John got the PC at home, which really turned on the lightbulb in my brain. Then CS10 and Justin. Possibilities are in my future.

Now I'm going to enjoy Swat while I can, even though I CRAVE Ashland. Ashland thoughts are almost constantly running through my consciousness. Now I've gotta get back to Gribbin, Herbert and Polkinghorne...

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