my vision is blurred
and the world is inverted.
i relax into the
expanding & contracting sensations
long enough to feel a fourth dimension
before turning around to return
back to my bed
where my breaths absorb oxygen
and my eyes regain focus.

transformation of sight

"The air was filled with a big noise and I tried to move. I felt the heaven was going down upon the earth and that it had engulfed me. I have really touched God. He came into me myself, yes God exists. I cried, and I don't remember anything else. You all, healthy people... can't imagine the happiness which we epileptics feel during the second before our fit... I don't know if this felicity lasts for seconds, hours or months, but believe me, for all the joys that life may bring, I would not exchange this one."
--Feodor Dostoyevski (9)

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