what is my brain?
look closer


This space is as old as a newborn baby and as young as our most ancient ancestor. It is in the tranquil eye of a cyclone, where the roar of chaos deepens into the depths of silence. The vibration of a hummingbird's wings buzzes through all neural channels, pulling me above the trees into the heights. Here I hear the voices of angels. Fluttering undulations, rhythms, cycles, waves. Cosmic sounds of the highest frequency.

The pulse of my heartbeat pumps blood through the brain tissue, anchoring me on the ground of the material realm. It carries me into the soles of my feet, which step into the soil. We sink down to the center of the Earth, a hot core of maternal love that nurtures me in her arms. Here I am a child of the truth. I rest in the magnetic balance of this planet's center, the Mother of my cerebral cortex. I lie back into the soft luminescence of the space, stretching out in all directions to feel infinity within the boundaries of my brain. I see beauty with my fingers and feel beauty with my eyes. Pushing upwards to the sky, I become a woman of dawn and dusk.

This temple is as pure as a white pearl that has been washed clean by the salty water of the sea for centuries. The walls have mirror reflections yet absolute transparency. They are as hard as diamonds yet as soft as clouds. The air carries the warmth of bodyheat and the freshness of wind that blow from all directions. Resting on the highest peak, valleys, mountains and deserts are visibly extending outwards. Rivers and oceans flow and ebb, reflecting the sky's rainbows. This golden palace is made of fire, water, air and earth. Here my shit is as clear as icicles.

Here all choices are surrendered to the universal wisdom. This is a shrine that belongs to the Fundamental Mind. I am only the housekeeper and the gardener.

Oxygen brings life to my neurological buds, letting them bloom into full flowers. This brain is a garden that smells like jasmine and lilacs. White rose petals cover the ground, and pink roses climb down to my heart and up to the sun. A thorn pricks my finger. I stop and taste the drop of sparkling red blood. It fills my mouth with the flavors of nutmeg, honey, rosemary and lime.

My crystal palace shimmers with the light of the sun and moon. The billions of neurons within this skull fire their circuitry through the hemisphere to connect directly with the galaxies of stars in the astral plane. I unite with my Father to take a Quantum leap, thrusting my awareness into the yang power of intellectual creativity. The brain is an elaborate delivery system of charging axon pistons, controlled with convergent precision. It is a vehicle for energetic movement.

A blade of light slices through the tissue of the thickest wall, and the veils of beauty slide back into themselves. They leave the truth of nothingness. My senses register nothing because I have no senses.

Here there is no separation. No outside, no inside. No time, no transgressions. No self, no identity. All is one, thus there is no transfer, no communication, no travel, no words, no questions. My brain is everything and nothing all at once.

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing
would appear to man as it is, infinite.
For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through
narrow chinks of his cavern.
-William Blake, Marriage of Heaven and Hell, (8).

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