two weird sentences

Have you ever played "Hodgy Podgy"? It's a fun game played with 2 or more people where you go around and each say one word at a time, in rhythm, to form grammatically-correct sentences. (Maybe you have to actually play to see how it really works.) Well, I was playing this game with a friend on a road trip (through Virginia at the time -- 3/15/95), when we randomly created these sentences:

I like to eat men when they are quivering with desire and find that they cannot live without my love and affection since I hold the world in my breath and am waiting for someone who can match my passion that fills the hollows of my entire body.

* * *

Music fills the car and my ears with joy and sorrow because it is loud raucous sound caused by the power of the speakers which are on the dashboard of the car.

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