Looking at my flesh
I think about how my body
is composed of atoms
just like everything else in this world.
Atoms are really only space --
electrons rotating around a nucleus.

Someone once told me that an atom
the size of a football stadium
would have nucleus
like one grain of rice
in the center of the field of turf,
and the tiny electrons would be sitting
in the very top bleachers.
The rest is simply empty space.

So if we're all made of space,
what keeps us separated?
How do my feet stay on the ground
without dissolving into the soil?

Our atoms are on different frequencies
vibrating at different speeds,
giving us masses
of our own individual bodies.

"One of the most important revelations from postmodern science is the continuum between matter and energy (or, more precisely, the unified matter/energy field), which overturns traditional heirarchical dualisms such as nonliving/living, flesh/spirit, nature/human being."
-Sallie McFague

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