Dreams: September 28

watching the cake-eaters

I'm watching a table full of people across the room. They're all my age and seem to be folks I know. It's a really long narrow table, and Tai Devore is at one end. It's someone's birthday, so there's a big chocolate cake sitting there. They all start to sing Happy Birthday, and I sing along quietly, under my breath.

Then they start cutting up the cake, giving slices to everyone. I watch. It's a big cake. They pass around the pieces until everyone has some, and there's still some cake left on the platter. I walk up to the table. Up close I can see that the cake has rich-looking chocolate in it, with a thick, white, coconut frosting. I reach down and grab a little pinch of it with my fingers. It tastes really good. It also has applesauce mixed into it. I reach down to get a bit more, but the people at the table frown at me. I feel like a pig, and a wave of guilty shame washes over me.

the fake mountain

NEXT, I'm in a museum, walking around. I go into a room with John. It's a huge room filled with a fake mountain/hillside. It almost seems real, with a grassy surface and natural ravines & peaks. I crawl up it. Water is rushing down the side. All of a sudden this water turns very cold, as well as the air temperature (but it all still feels comfortable). The water is now frozen, and it is snowing. Snow collects on the mountain-side. It then quickly melts, the water now flowing again. Water even bubbles up from the side of the mountain, which feels good against my skin. It then gets cold again. I see that we're in a seasonal room that has a cyclical reenactment of the four-seasons at an accelerated rate. I like it. I crawl up to the top with John. It's disappointing because I then see a machine that's producing the water at varying degrees. The whole thing then kind of loses its charm. I see that the snow isn't even real -- it's only little shredded pieces of some fiber. Megan Friedman is here; she works at the museum.

Then a meeting is gathering here. The room changes to have a flat wooden floor. It looks like a dance studio. I can still hear the trickle of water nearby. It's a meeting for gay and lesbian students. I decide to stick around just to see what it's like. Lots of students show up, mainly frosh, both men and women (this place now seems to be part of the Swat campus). It's an introductory meeting. I wonder to myself what my role is here. A young man (late 20s or early 30s) stands up to speak, as we all sit on the wooden floor. He's some president/coordinator guy. He's wearing overalls and a blue bandana around his head. He's acting really silly, and suddenly the bandana flies off his head onto the floor. He picks it up and puts it back on. He's talking in a crazy way. I look around at the students surrounding me and see some familiar faces. I realize there's a number of kids here that I grew up with.


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