Dreams: November 23

Phoebe borrows art supplies

I'm very angry at Phoebe because she used my pens and colored pencils, leaving them in total disarray. I'm looking at them spread across the floor. Some are missing their tops or have the wrong-colored tops, and all the pens are mixed up with the colored pencils. Why doesn't she have respect for me or my things, I wonder to myself?

serving snacks & marrying R.

NEXT, R. is visiting at Mom's house. I say I'm going to go take a nap, hoping R. will follow since I want to cuddle with him. He follows me into the bedroom. The room is huge, a long one with different carpeted levels and a high ceiling. I go to the bathroom, which is a tiny octogonal-walled compartment with mirrors on all sides.
When I get back to the bedroom there are about 6 or 7 new people hanging out. I get an idea that we can ALL snuggle together, but then I see that my only bed is a single chaise lounge. I'm disappointed since I used to have such a great bed. I tell everyone that my old bed was a huge, wonderful queen-sized one.
I'm still kind of annoyed that they're all here. I don't know many of them. It's a group of girls my age. I decide I might as well be a good host and bring them some snacks. I walk over to the far side of the room where there's a table with tons of food that Mom left me. There are all sorts of crackers, cookies, cheeses, etc. I put a bunch on a tray. One of the girls followed me over and is watching over my shoulder. I'm slicing up some cheese. When I stop she tells me to cut some more. I'm rather annoyed that she's ordering me around, but I add some more slices to the tray anyway. She picks out some more cookies and puts them on the platter. When we bring the food over to the group of girls, they're getting ready to go, saying their goodbyes. I'm glad because I still want to cuddle with R.

Then I'm at a wedding. I'm on top of a tall, well-manicured hedge that surrounds the ceremony's beautiful, fancy lawn area. I'm walking along the hedge when I notice that I'm wearing a sparkling white dress. I suddenly realize that I'm supposed to be the bride. R. is going to be my husband.
I get a panicked feeling and want to escape. Then I'm suddenly on the back of a motorcycle, riding away from the wedding at full speed. I'm holding onto Tim B., who's driving the motorcycle. We're speeding down a curvy dirt road that looks like upper Tolman Creek Road (in Ashland). People are after us, following not far behind. I look to the side of the road and see we're very high up on a mountain.

translating my story into Spanish

NEXT, I walk into a Spanish class. It's not one of my classes; I'm just visiting. I have a video recorder in hand. I sit down next to Amy Romberg. I wrote a story (that was supposed to be in Spanish but is actually in English) and gave it to the professor. He passes out a copy of my story to everyone in the class. We all have to translate it into Spanish. It's very difficult to do for some reason.

seeing Dinah

NEXT, I see Dinah (my great-aunt). She's alive and well, looking radiantly happy. Her hair is in a short bob, and she looks quite young. She just married someone on my mom's side of the family. Now she's REALLY a part of my family, I think to myself.

plum petals & a naked star

NEXT, I really crave a cup of tea, so I'm looking through the various teas we have in our dorm room. Carrie has an interesting-looking black box of tea. It has an appealing drawing of warm-purple, soft, round plums on the front. I read the ingredients:
Contains ground:
  • plum petals
  • sand
  • oil

It sounds good to me, so I grab a bag of the tea and leave. I'm going to brew the tea later. Now I have to go be a part of a movie. I was selected with some others to be in a special film. It seems like a big deal. I go to the filming location. There are lots of trees along a little flat dirt road. People are spread out along the road, relaxing and preparing for the filming. The movie is about a big star, a biography: James Dean & Justin Hall. (Either a composite of the two as one person, or Justin is playing James Dean... ?) When I get there, I'm told that the star is naked, relaxing with meditation. He totally lacks self-consiousness and is in his own world. I can't see him from where I am, but I have a visual image of glittery tan skin.


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