Dreams:May 26

yoga with Noli & Laurie

I am with Noli and Laurie. There is a tire swing contraption hanging down from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Laurie is showing us a yoga-like balancing movement in which she stands on the swing; her arms are stretched up abover her, and she has one leg bent up and back, her toe pointed toward the ceiling. Laurie is wearing a flourescent yellow-green leotard, and her body is in perfect shape.
I decide to try the same movement. I get up on the swing. It's hard to balance myself, and I can't pull my leg up enough. Noli and Laurie are watching. I finally get to a point when I feel like I have done it -- my arms are stretched up above me, and my leg is pulled way up and back. Then I somehow catch a look at myself in a nearby mirror. My leg is only halfway up, and I'm leaning way over. Hmmph.

hiding my horse

Next, I'm at Swarthmore. I realize I haven't eaten dinner yet and I'm hungry. I look at my watch; it's 10:30pm. I want to go to Tarble to get my credit. The shuttle hasn't arrived yet. Everyone is doing a bunch of preparation for some big event. My class is finally graduating, and we're having a senior-all-night with contests and prizes (like in high school). I need to make it back in time. I decide I can't wait for the shuttle. There are a bunch of horses around for the event. I ask a guy if I can borrow his horse to ride to Tarble. He is hesitant. "Do you want to borrow my shoes too?" he asks. He has a pair of riding boots. I say no. I see my sandals that I can wear. The clothes I'm wearing are all a deep red color for some reason.
Suddenly time skips ahead, and I'm back from my trip to Tarble. All the horses have been packed up somewhere (except for the one I rode, which is still with me). There were lots of snakes here too, but now they're also gone. The room only has two snakes slithering around; both are a couple feet off the ground, floating as they move. I realize that all the animals were packed away in another room (of the castle-like building I'm now in) for the event's big contest. Later everyone in my class will have to try to find them. Then we'll get on the horses to try to find other things -- a kind of scavenger hunt. I don't have a very clear idea of how it works, but I realize that I won't be able to participate unless my horse is stored away with the other ones. My horse is dark-brown. I'm holding a snake, which is slithering around in my hand like a worm; yet I'm not scared since I know it's harmless. Like my horse, it also needs to be stored away in the special room for the contest.
I go talk to an older official-looking man, explaining my situation. He says he understands and will try to help me get my horse and snake into the right room. An administrator woman joins us. When she hears about my problem, she says, "Oh no. Aletha and her sister had to do this last year, and they ended up being at a major disadvantage." Then she assures me that they'll get my horse into the right spot; she takes it away. The man says that he knows what room all the animals are in this year and that he'll tell me as long as I promise not to tell anyone else. I agree. He leans over and whispers, "Beyond the double doors. Then to the right of the four long doors that open to the left."
We walk down a long hall. We're in a huge castle building with lots different levels that have hallways of wood-paneled walls and doorways. We go past the four doors the man was talking about. They're on our left. Then we get to the door of the chosen room. I see that there's a space between the door and the floor. I slip my snake into the crack, which makes me feel a lot better. It's a relief, a weight off my shoulders to not have to worry about my situation any more.
Then suddenly I'm in another section of the building. I'm with a crowd of people. We're discussing last year's prizes. Someone mentions that a web page domain was one of them; it was donated by Justin Hall. I hear someone else say, "What a lousy prize!" I disagree. I explain that I think it's a great prize since domains are so valuable. As I say this, I'm sliding down an inflatable slide, wrapping the sides around my shoulders like a big cape.


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