Dreams: July 9

I'm ushering for the Black Swan Theater (but it really looks like the Bowmer Theater). I'm sitting in the front row, and Noli is on the other end of the front row. That's where the ushers are supposed to sit. A play is going on. There's a young man in the middle of the front row who begins talking. I turn to him and put my finger to my lips to say "ssshh". He ignores me and begins talking to one of the actors on the nearby stage. Noli also tries to tell him to be quiet, but he's being a real nuisance. Other people in the audience around him also talk. I look around and see that they're all from a school group. I'm frustrated that they're so rude and inconsiderate. The man in front keeps talking to the actors on stage.
Suddenly the house lights go up, and the actors stop the production. I realize it had gotten to the point where they couldn't do the play, so now they're going to address the audience. The director comes on stage or something, and then the play resumes. But the lights don't dim, and some audience members don't get the idea that they're supposed to stay in their seats. Two girls get up from the middle of their row and walk towards the aisle on the end (this is actually right before the play starts). I stop them when they get to the end where I'm sitting and tell them that the play's about to begin and they have to sit down or else they're giving up their seats. They grumble and sit down.
I look around and many people are standing up, milling around. It's frustrating. I get up (even thought the play is now in progress) and tell people that they must sit down now. Some people listen to me. I run up & down the stairs ordering groups of people to take their seats. At the top of the theater is a doorway entrance. Some people are filtering in. I say they must sit down now. I notice one woman who looks familiar. She has blond curly hair and a toddler. I realize I saw her earlier in my dream at another play. She doesn't have a ticket for this one and was trying to sneak in. I stop her and tell her she must leave.
I notice that most people are now sitting down, so I take my seat (which is now at the end of a middle row). I look at Noli a few seats down and she nods in approval of how I seated everyone.
I turn my focus to the play. It's not on the front stage anymore; it's now in the aisle on my left, only feet away. There are two women sitting with their backs to the wall, facing the audience. They're singing, and one is playing a guitar. They look a lot like each other: heavy-set with glasses and long, straight, dark hair in ponytails. They're casually dressed in tee-shirts and jeans. One is flicking her nipple in rhythm with the song they're singing.
A small group of girls a few rows in front of me get up to leave. It strikes me as totally rude because they're right in front of the performers. I notice it's Tina and her roommates, all holding hands in a line as they leave. The last girl reminds me of a pig and is wearing gaudy gold jewelry. They all look at me but don't say anything. "Nerds" I think to myself.

NEXT, I'm sitting at a dining room table with Mom in our apartment (?). I just woke up and feel kind of crusty. The doorbell rings. I go to open the door and see that the hall is full of people, esp. lots of little kids. They start flooding into our apartment until they fill it up. I feel like I want to brush my teeth and wash my face or take a shower before I talk to anyone. I go into a bathroom.

NEXT, I'm in a room with a big table in the middle. Young men line all sides of the table, sitting in chairs. They are each concentrating on something on the table in front of them. I look closer and see that each man has a paper/plaque that has a photo and description of various football players. I see that the men in this room are football players (some are wearing uniforms), and I stumbled into their pre-game team gathering. Apparently they're learning all they can about the other team's players they'll have to guard/tackle in the game so they can form a strategy to know individual personal weaknesses.
I'm now talking to a group of people about cheerleaders. (Isha, Megan, Kyla and others from that high school group are here.) I say that I think cheerleading is really stupid. But suddenly a newspaper-like document appears in my hands. I look to see that it has lots of color photos of a future football game of the season (like a yearbook page). There is a future date written on it (___, 1996). I look at the photos and see that I'm the main cheerleader. I'm decked out in the skirt & garb and am on the field with other cheerleaders, rooting for our football team. I am wearing bright turquoise/blue eye-shadow that extends out from my eyes about an inch. It looks really tacky, but for a moment I think it looks exotic and egyptian. I see a full-body photo of me wearing tight purple jeans. I have a bare midriff. I see that my legs look really slim and my thighs don't touch each other although my feet are close together.


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