Dreams: January 26

driving away from Mom

I'm in a car with Mom. I am very angry at her. She stops the car and steps out of it for some reason. Her boyfriend (some guy I don't know) is also outside of the car. I scoot over to the driver's seat and take off, driving the car as far away from them as I can. Someone on the street yells that I should stop because some substance (either the water, oil or gas) is flooding out the side of the vehicle. I ignore them because I do not want to stop. I want to get as far away from Mom as possible. I can see her and her lover in the rear-view mirror; they now just look like little specks on the street, far away.

the comfort of a true friendship

NEXT, I'm in my room (which doesn't look like the real one) in Mom's house. I'm looking through some of my stuff when I hear T.'s voice somewhere else in the house. My back is facing the bedroom door. I pretend like I haven't heard him, so it will seem like a surprise when he comes into my room. All of a sudden I feel a warm soft hug around me. I smile. I turn around and it's T.. He feels like such a good friend to me. We are lying on my bed, and I'm telling him about the situation with Mom. He's a genuine listener. He puts a finger under my eye, in the inside corner. He says he will catch my tears for me. I didn't think the story I was telling affected me enough to make me cry; but I realize I'm crying now, tears running down my face. T. catches them. He's crying too. I lay back and we hug. Our hug feels authentic, warm, enveloping, connecting, strong and true. I'm on my back, and he's on top of me. I feel his weight. I wrap my legs around him. Suddenly our friendship has crossed the line into something more. It hasn't necessarily turned into anything sexual -- it's just deeper than it was before.
Then we lie back together. My head is on his arm/shoulder, and our bodies are pressed together. I feel comforted. Mom suddenly bursts into the room, flinging open the door. Before she can say or do anything, I tell her to leave. "GET OUT RIGHT NOW!!" I scream at her, pointing toward the door. I can't deal with her. She turns around and exits.

a risky flight and tough journey

NEXT, I'm in a little open airplane with Phoebe and John. We are flying way up in the air, way above the ground. It's like an old-fashioned open airplane, yet smaller than usual. We are all smooshed together, sitting in a little, fabric, hammock-style seat. The three of us have to keep the balance together in order to stay upright so we won't tip over and fall out. It's risky, but I know that the three of us can do it together.
I see that we're heading toward a huge flock of helium balloons, all tied together with long strings. The balloons are very flashy, dark blue and red, glittering in the sun. It looks like we're going to fly right into the strings, and I wonder if we are going to sever them with our wings.
Time passes. We are dropped off next to a lake. Phoebe and I are getting ready to go swimming together. It is the beginning of a journey we're going to take. We first have to swim underwater, into a square tent/tunnel that's set up on the beach, leading down into the water. There are other people on our journey; they have already swum into the lake (through the tunnel opening). Phoebe and I are getting up our courage. We wade into the water until we're almost up to neck-level. I decide to pop up onto the beach for one last deep breath. As I come up I see that the beach is covered with people -- tons and tons of families and couples. Then I notice that I'm naked. All the beach people are looking at me, laughing and pointing. I run back into the tent/tunnel to tell Phoebe. We now have to take the plunge and start our journey. We throw our bodies into the lake, swimming underwater through the tunnel. By now we are lagging way behind the others in our group. Phoebe and I swim together for a long time.
[The narration of my dream suddenly skips to much later, after Phoebe and I have been journeying together through the water to find the others.] We find them on a houseboat. We crawl onboard. They ask us how we are doing. We can't answer because we are extremely dehydrated and tired after swimming through the water of this lake for so long. They offer us a yellow lemonade/juice in order to get hydrated. One guy says that we all have jobs to do. He then offers an example, explaining that cleaning the roof is one job, done by washing it with a hose that sprays this juice. Drinking/hydration is so necessary and valuable at this point.


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