Dreams: August 6

mutual attraction

I'm with Matt, and he & I have connected in a special way. We have an intimacy and an acknowledged mutual attraction for each other. We're in a house, in a big open room. There's a showerhead on the wall, but without a curtain or tiled area or anything. A stream of water is pouring out, and I'm now under it, taking a shower. I'm naked. There are others in the room. I know they're watching me, which excites me.
Now it looks like my room at John's house before it was remodeled. A bed is up against the inside wall (in the corner under the stairs), and C. is sitting on it. I go up to him because he's called me over. There's an electric zing between us, a sexual attraction. I lean down to kiss him, but I stop because he starts to tell me something.

bloody hands

Then the scene changes slightly. I'm sitting on the floor of a huge room. Noli is there, and she has bloody hands -- bright, deep red drenching her hands and wrists. I'm wearing a cream-colored bra, and she wipes the blood onto my right shoulder strap. This upsets me. Now I'm wearing a cream-colored shirt that gets all bloody, the red smeared across the front.

frozen honey

I see a big (foot-tall) piece of golden amber. There's a little (stawberry-sized) amber bubble hanging off the bottom. I pull it off. In my palm it feels smooth and hard like amber, but I know it's actually hardened honey. There's a big bumble bee frozen in the center of it. All of a sudden the bee starts to move, its legs slowly moving back and forth. This surprises me.
Then a large group of people surrounds me. I did something wrong and am practically on trial. They're sitting in chairs in a semi-circle around me. I sit on the carpeted floor. They're all drilling me, and I feel defensive and guilty at the same time. It has something to do with the blood all over me.


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