dreams: March 10, 1998


I'm wandering around a shopping mall. There are many areas with all sorts of merchandise. I'm looking for a greeting card, but I can't find one. I see Josh Fox and some others from high school. They're lounging near some shelves watching a show.
Then I'm at an ice cream counter. I look at the flavors and ask for samples. I realize the quality is really good, but it doesn't match Italian gelato. I order some. The guy puts it in a cup; it has melted and only fills the cup halfway. I ask for more, but he's too busy, so I help myself by serving some more.

childhood summer

NEXT, I'm in Vivi & Megan's house. It's summer weather, and I feel like I should be playing tag and "rabies" with Megan and Phoebe. I'm painting a canvas for art class, looking through various windows to see the trees and mountains (facing away from John's house) outside. I'm rushed because the painting is due in art class in a few minutes. Mr. Tredway is the teacher. It'll be late unless I finish soon. I'm now next to an elevator.

- FIN -

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