dreams: June 12, 1998

Troy's home

I arrive at Troy's house. All of a sudden I'm struck with the realization that I can't remember how I got here. I look out into the cul de sac and see my blue VW bug parked nearby, but I have no recollection of driving it here. That strikes me as weird. I feel like my brain is dealing with some substance (pot or alcohol), but I don't remember taking anything. I go through the garage and enter the house through a random door, accidentally finding myself in Troy's parents' bedroom. They're in bed; the room is warmly lit with bedside lamps. I turn around as fast as possible, hoping they didn't see me. I go through a door that will take me through their rumpus room. I'm looking for Troy. I find him in his bedroom (which actually looks like Phoebe's room at Mom's house). He doesn't really acknowledge me. He goes into the bathroom next to this room in order to take a shower. I just sit on his bed waiting. I feel ugly. I imagine just wanting to snuggle up with him -- platonic but comforting.

a bus through Ashland

NEXT, I'm at Bloomsbury Books with a group of friends (most of whom are younger, all Ashlanders). We catch a bus. I'm trying to get home. It stops on B Street, right before getting to 3rd St. (next to Jenica and Rabbit's house). I'm going to walk down to John's house from here. I get my stuff from the bus.

- FIN -

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