dreams: July 2, 1998

a running race

I'm in the plaza of downtown Ashland. There is a running race going on. I see a posted clock running, taking the times of the runners. I'm under a big tent. Charley Hoye is here.

dealing with danger

NEXT, I'm traveling with a friend. We're in an inner city, observing all the action going on around us. It is night. There's a picnic table about 15 ft. in front of me. A number of people are sitting on and around it. I can see the orange blaze of their glass pipes as they light up to do "cocaine." All sorts of drug transactions are going on around us. I feel in danger. We need to get out of here.
We hop into the nearest car (which is ours?). It's a funky, big, old, light blue car. The right side is gone, but a different car's right side is somehow attached. It doesn't fit exactly, leaving large gaps in some places; the air is blasting in through these gaps. I can see the road underneath us as we drive. My friend (female) and I are driving full speed down a freeway. Our travel has urgency.
Then we are on a dirt road that seems to be out in the boondocks. We see that the road tapers off into a vertical cliff. I look out and see that the cliff winds around, resembling the Grand Canyon. I see lots of people hiking up top and down below. Yet we are scared. We don't know how to get out of this dangerous situation since our road disappears into a drop. (And for some reason we can't go backwards.) Mom suddenly appears from above, where the cliff is a plateau on top; she looks down at us, saying she knows how to help us. She says she's done this before and has experience. She sets up some rope contraption and pulls our big car off the road onto the level ground above.

a brain booger

NEXT, I'm in my downstairs bedroom at Mom's house. Heidi Levine is here. She's telling me the classes she's going to be taking (or has already taken?). I'm looking at a list of the professors' names. I see some that I want to take classes with (at Swat?). Their names all start with "M."
Then a guy walks into my room from outside. He's a friend of mine (and Phoebe's?). He has dark hair and kind of looks like Jonah McBride. His most distinguishing characteristic that I see are his eyes, which are absolutely gorgeous: big, twinkling, dark rich blue/violet, surrounded by dark long lashes. Then I notice that he has a snotty booger hanging out of his left nostril. I tell him. "Oh yeah," he says. He explains that the other day he was picking his nose when he accidentally pulled out a piece of his brain.

- FIN -

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