dreams: February 17, 1998

sexual massages

I'm in a large quiet house. S. is with me, and she offers to give me a backrub. Sounds good to me, so we find a bed, and I lay down, stretched out on my front. Sitting on me, she gives me a fabulous massage. It turns into a sexual act, and S.'s movements are passionate. Her touch feels great. The movements are warm and vague, all over my body, somehow bringing me to orgasm.
Then I'm on her. I'm reciprocating, now giving her a massage. We seem to both be fully clothed (she's wearing a dark grey or black shirt). Her body feels voluptuous, pithy and substantial beneath my hands. She's thrusting her pelvis, almost up on her hands and knees. My hand is wrapped around front, between her legs.
Suddenly others are in the room with us; S. and I have stopped. The others want to join us. We are wandering around the house looking for beds. We go downstairs. There are many beds, twins and queens, spread out in the various rooms. But people are already in them, quietly sleeping. I go into a bedroom and see three or four beds. Everything is very cozy. I pull back the covers of one bed and see Elena sleeping there peacefully. I.D. wants me to give her a massage, but I realize we might wake people up if we tried to do it in this room. So we move on, deciding to go back upstairs. There are about 5 other young women with me, and they all want me to give them massages. I don't know who I should do first; a guy is with us, and I ask him how I am supposed to know what order to go in. He says I can just decide however I want. I realize that S. will get the first massage, since I want to pay her back for what she gave me earlier.

- FIN -

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