dreams: August 23, 1998

erotic gumballs

I'm sitting in a room with some friends. Ben Waterman enters. He has a dark bandana on his head to pull his hair back. He sits down near me. Suddenly we're the only ones sitting right there, while the others are sitting several yards away, on the other side of the room. Ben and I have an unspoken bond. He pulls out a bag of big colorful gumballs. He drops one down my shirt, rolling it down my back with his fingers. It feels really good. Then I take one and do the same thing down his back. It seems as though we've done this before, like this is a special ritual that is very familiar -- a way of expressing our intimacy. I take another bright one out of the bag and eat off the soft candy shell, leaving the harder inner part. Then I roll that one down his body. He's doing the same thing. We're sitting tangled up in each other. The whole act is pleasurable and erotic. I start moaning as he does one for me, half-realizing that the others in the room are watching/listening, but I don't care. I close my eyes and relax my head.
Later, the doorbell rings. Opening the door, I see that it's Kate Ewald. She's wearing her swimsuit, with a towel swung over her shoulder. She says she came to remind us that we need to wear something on our feet (shoes or sandals) when we come to use the water slide at the pool. We say okay, and she says she'll see us there, turning around to leave. She walks up the walkway in the yard (and I see that she's only wearing her swimsuit, not afraid to show her thighs).

a squad in the neighborhood

NEXT, I arrive at home to find many young women hanging out in the street and yard. They're all part of an athletic group/club/team, and all are wearing dark blue uniform/outfits. I ask an older woman leader what they are all about. I don't get a clear answer. Some sport, or cheerleading.

flavored smokes

NEXT, I'm walking around with Mom. She stops to pick out some things she wants to smoke; we're standing at a large display of brown cigarettes (or hash hish?). Each has a colorful band to show its flavor. Some are fruits, others chocolate. I'm disgusted. I tell her that it's bad enough to use cigarettes, but then to get the extra contaminative flavoring is gross. She agrees with me but wants to buy some anyway.

- FIN -

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