dreams: August 17, 1998

"good hugs are with the whole body"

Patrick and I are greeting each other. We hug. He's short. Our bodies are pressed together. I can feel particular contact between our pelvises. "Hey!" he says, pulling back to look me in the eye, still holding onto my arms. "Were you rubbing my penis?" he asks, laughing. I laugh too. I can still feel his hard portrusion on my pelvic area. "Good hugs are with the whole body," I say in justification.
Then I'm at a dance nightclub at night, near the entrance. Phoebe is there. Patrick is there too. He's little, a petite man. He's exuding sexual energy. I see him as kind of a lounge lizard, looking to women for sexual exchanges and gratification.
I go outside in back because I have to pick up all my belongings. I'm scrambling to put everything in my bag. My belongings are strewn about. The floor is very messy and yucky. I don't want my things to get dirty.

- FIN -

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