dreams: August 13, 1998

sharing the senses

I'm in the living room of the house next-door (Vivi and Megan's house). I'm alone in the house with Troy Henri. We're sitting together on a big chair (folding bed?) that is near the window facing the house. The chair is pointing towards the front door. Troy is sitting in it, while I'm sitting on his lap, straddling him, our fronts pressed together. It feels good. I shut my eyes, resting my head on his shoulder. I feel close to him, almost like we're becoming One. His left hand is under my right leg; I feel him touch my upper inner thigh, near my crotch. He touches me with something very cold. I like the feeling, as it gives me a little thrilling chill. We acknowledge the act (I say "I like that," and then he says, "Yeah, cold.")

Somehow I then get turned upside down, and I'm hanging by my legs onto the brick wall next to the chair. I fall to the carpeted floor. The momentum of my fall makes a huge, heavy, rectangular block of something tip off of the top mantle; it lands right next to me. Phew, I'm glad it didn't land on me. What a momentary scare.

We go back to the other house. We're getting our stuff together to return and spend the night at Vivi and Megan's house. I'm looking through my CDs, trying to find the right music. The stack in front of me has many covers of '80s-like groups wearing colorful clothing. I want beautiful, mellow music to play for a nice ambiance. I choose a classical CD. I'm happy thinking about the big white bed in the living room of the next-door house; I picture it having a fluffy comforter and soft white sheets. I want to be with him. I ask him if he's ready for bed, and he says yes.

- FIN -

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