Dreams: October 20, 1997

waking up in the Italian home

I'm waking up in a big king-sized bed. Jacqueline slept in it too. We are making the bed together, pulling the sheets flat. I walk through a doorway to the left of the bed into a kitchen. I see that Jacqueline has prepared some foods for breakfast. There is a platter of oatmeal cookies on the stovetop. It all makes me very happy.

six degrees of separation

NEXT, I'm with Miles and his family. We are outside. A car pulls up. I look inside and see Connie with her husband. Ding, ding! Suddenly I'm struck with a major epiphany, overwhelmed with excited joy. I just realized that not only is Connie related to Miles' family but also to Noli's. I recognize her as someone I've known for a long time in both contexts, yet I've never made the connection that she's the same person. Now I remember her from Noli's group of relatives. This whole situation strikes me as fate finally showing me the ironic small-world connection of everything and everybody. Life feels right.


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