Dreams: November 26, 1997

Phoebe is friends with Chelsea Clinton

I'm going to a big auditorium for a concert performance event. Lots of people are here finding seats. I look up at the rows above me and see Phoebe sitting with Chelsea Clinton (but they're younger, both around pre-teen age). It looks like they are good friends. I look down and see Bill & Hillary sitting together in a lower row. I trying to figure out where I should sit. To my left I see a couple of empty rows with only a few people sitting there. John is there. I consider joining him. I look down and see a relatively good view of the stage.

seeing Jordan Gans-Morse

NEXT, I walk into a room. A couple of people my age are here. I know one of them. I do a double take and look closer at the other one: a guy my age with brown hair and a thick, dark, puffy jacket sitting at a desk. It is Jordan Gans-Morse. We look at each other and excitedly say hello. He gets up and approaches. We hug; I start to let go after a few seconds, but he's still holding me, so I continue to hug. It's a long one. It had been a long time since I had last seen him.


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