Dreams: November 2, 1997

working for Hillary

I'm employed by the Clintons as part of the staff that works directly for Hillary Rhodam. I'm walking around a big arena where I can see Hillary up on stage giving a speech. There is a large audience around her. Suddenly chaos breaks loose; either an alarm went off (fire?) or the lights went out or something. The audience is going crazy. Hillary is trying to remain calm, but people are freaking out around her. I realize that it's my obligation to do something.

recognizing powerful potential

NEXT, I see a woman with some weird skin condition. She has tiny holes in her face and arms, like someone took a needle and poked her a bunch of times, and her skin was made of soft clay. Her cheeks are flushed rosy.
Then I see a little girl sitting nearby. I sit down to talk to her. She looks mulatto, a mix of black and white and maybe another race. She's beautiful. She has the same skin condition as the other woman but not as evident (only partially on one side of her face). Her hair is curly-frizzy. I start talking to her; she's about 4 or 5 years old. She speaks in Italian. Then in English. Then in another language. The things she is saying are wise and profound.
Suddenly I'm very confident in her strength. I tell her that I'm absolutely sure that she is an amazing girl and that she will be an incredible woman when she gets older -- she will be very very successful at whatever she wants. I know it and feel it with my whole being, and I want to express it now since it will later be true. Someone I know well (some adult) is nearby; s/he hears me and says that that is exactly what they said about me when I was that age, and that it's true. It feels good to hear.


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