Dreams: November 11, 1997

sex in a bunk bed and then I go home

I'm lying in the top bed of a bunk bed. There is a young man sleeping below me in the other bunk. The room is dark, and there are others sleeping in beds nearby. I lean over and see that the guy below me is starting to get up; I know he has to pee. I let my arm dangle down over the side of my bed, and my covers are pulled back to expose one of my legs and my butt (I'm wearing underwear). I pretend to be asleep. He stops when he sees me. I feel him touch my leg; then he puts his hand between my legs, pressing gently against my skin from the front and back.

I pretend to wake up, and then I hop down and crawl into his bed, pulling him in with me. There is not much space between the two bunks, so we wrap ourselves around each other. He's big, almost pudgy, and has thick dark hair. He's naked. I wrap my legs around him. He's on top of me. We kiss. I feel the warm soft skin of his arms and back. I tell him I want him inside of me, but we're not prepared, lacking a condom. Instead, he rubs up against me. His dick is hard but small. We are both moving, rubbing, rocking, moaning.

I remember that others are in the room too; I ask him if he thinks we're being too loud, but he says no. So we continue. He says he can't help it, he's about to come. All of a sudden, tons of creamy custardy goop is all over everything, reminding me of banana jello pudding. It's all over my body. I try not to get disgusted by it. It's on my face; I wipe it off. He gets up. I tell him to feel free to use the bathroom now if he still has to go pee. He looks relieved and says yes, he does still have to go.

As soon as he leaves the room, I jump up. I want to go home for a moment. Then I'm suddenly driving a car up Beach Street in Ashland. It's a beautiful sunny day. As I pass Thomas Milsom's house, some male omniscient voice tells me that Thomas has been doing some amazing work on his house. I see that the house now has a new wing that he apparently designed and built.

Then, right when I get to the steep part of the hill at the top, I see a sunny grassy little space on my right where a group of Asian people are standing. They all look at me, some with very sullen faces.

Then I see Mom. She's sitting in a small square terrace at the very top of our house, on the roof. Because of the hill's slope, she's right at my eye level. The sunlight is coming down on her in a beautiful way. She has arranged sheer layers of greyish purple fabric across the railings of our porch. She smiles when she sees me.

I go into the house. I go downstairs into my room, which is very big. Phoebe is there. She immediately starts apologizing. I'm angry because she's down in my room and tons of her stuff is spread out everywhere. She didn't expect me to show up at this time. I run around turning on all the lights because it is dark, and I can't really see anything. But the lights don't come on. So I open the window shades, but I have trouble -- some of them just won't open. I yell at Phoebe to get all her stuff out RIGHT NOW! I run around gathering up all her things, putting them on the stairs for her to take up to her own room. The stairs are in a different place, coming straight down to the main part of the room. Sunlight is cascading down the stairs, which are covered in an old carpeting that looks like the stairs at John's house. Phoebe's backpacks, bottles, papers, etc. are piled up everywhere. She's protesting that she can't move everything right now, but I tell her that she must, adesso! I tell her I'll gather it all up and put it on the stairs if she makes the trips up and down. I love my room, with its big space, wall to wall carpeting (light blue), big windows, cozy privacy and big beds. I want it to be my own, not invaded. Mom's face shows up briefly on the stairway and then disappears.

There's a countertop at the bottom of the stairs. I see lots of Phoebe's bathroom things there; I gather it and plop it onto the stairs -- a purple plastic star bottle, perfumes, nail polish and more.

For a brief moment I remember that I left my male friend at the other place and that he's probably done peeing by now. Oh well.


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